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Listen to Dan talk with Michele Tafoya

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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


Listen to Michele talk about how much the MNF sideline gig has changed this year. She’s not pleased. Oh, and we rip Tony for the hat and glasses.
We talk half-time interviews. How hard is it to get information from coaches? Has she ever been blown off?
What are her thoughts on the Erin Andrews types and how much attention they get from fans/blogs?
More on the ‘next generation’ of sideline reporter. Have media members become more famous than the players they cover?
Michele is famous. She’s on TV. Does she feel that makes it easier to talk with coaches and players than ‘regular’ media members and beat writers do?
Who could walk off the field or court right now and be a great TV analyst?
What’s the real story of why she left the NBA gig? Was it just to spend more time with her family? More?
We talk a little about Obama and how in 30 years our kids might laugh that this took so long. Does she feel that way about women in sports media?
Minnesota is cold. So why the hell are they building an open-air baseball stadium for the Twins? Insane.