Listen to Show 100 Part One and Two

Above is the entire show.  At the bottom, or by clicking the header, you can link to subscribe to the show.

Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


I talk with Tony about his future in radio. Is there one while he’s still doing Monday Night Football?
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I ask Tony about working for Dan Snyder at one of the DC stations. Conflict of interest?
We talk about Tony’s job on Monday Night Football. Does he feel he’s gotten better? Does he care what others say about him?
I talk with Jaws about doing MNF in Philly - his home - and what his week is like in the film room.
Jaws and I discuss his preparation from week to week. Does it change when there is less juice for the game?
We talk AFL. Does it still exist? What will happen to the league? With NFL layoffs, is anything recession proof?