Listen to Show 100 Part Five

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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


We talk about the many hats that Tirico wears at ESPN. Why does he do so much? Do others at the WWL resent him for getting many of the top gigs?
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A funny story about Tirico and Tigers Woods which leads to talk about golf. Is it the hardest sport to cover?
We discuss Tirico’s role at ESPN Radio. He’s not the most controversial fellow. Is that a calculated decision?
Part two starts with more radio talk. How different is doing a national show compared to local radio? How hard is it to cater to such a diverse listenership.
We talk about competition. Everything out there is competing with everything else. I ask Tirico how he feels about being a strange internet way. Lots of blog talk here.
We talk about the importance of being at event when you cover it. Especially in the booth.
Since Tirico cut his teeth doing college games, we talk about the BCS. What does he think about this mess?
What has Tirico not done yet in his career? What would he like to cover?

In conjunction with our 100th show, On the DL teamed up with to write about the experience watching a telecast of that magnitude from the inside.

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