Listen to Dan and Nick talk with Norman Chad

Buy Norman’s book at Amazon for honestly, less than five bucks.

Above is the entire show.  At the bottom, or by clicking the header, you can link to subscribe to the show.

Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.

• Listen to the entire poker segment
• Listen to his future with ESPN
• Listen to his Final Table thoughts
Listen to his thoughts on blogs and   the Bissinger/Leitch mess
Listen to his thoughts on Deadspin, and the ESPN 24 hour column
Listen to his candid thoughts on his relationship with Tony Kornheiser
Listen to who he likes in the media (Barkley, EJ)
Listen to who he dislikes in the media (he rips Feinstein a lot)
Listen to thoughts on his column, and where the industry is going