Listen to Dan talk with Will Leitch
Listen to Will talk about leaving Deadspin, and again comparing himself to Tom Brokaw.


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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.

Who talks about his successor, what his role has been and who he’d pick if it were his choice.
Will gives his initial reaction to his ‘Mission Statement’ post, and responds to the assertion that Buzz Bissinger ‘fixed’ blogs with his rant.
I ask Will why now – on the heels of  the birth of sports blog legitimacy – is the right time to leave.
Will speaks about what his role at New York will be.
Will gives his thoughts on the upcoming Olympic Games.
Daulerio sneaks on to refute his quotes in the LA Times.  He’s angry.
Daulerio talks about how he considers his job with Gawker MSM.
Catfight!  Forget Mike and the Mad Dog – is there a Deaspin feud brewing?  Only one will remain!!!!