Listen to Dan talk with Tony Kornheiser

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Listen to TK talk about his notoriously thin skin.


Above is the entire show.  At the bottom, or by clicking the header, you can link to subscribe to the show.

Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.

Listen to TK respond to Norman Chad thinking he’s dead, and if he’s really the unhappiest successful person in the world.
Listen to TK talk about Death Star Radio, and if he’s gotten soft in his old age.  He also takes time to rail on the old ESPN brass a little more.
Listen to TK talk about the Cheeseboy, and how he sees blogs fitting in to the media landscape.
Listen to TK talk PTI, and if the show has ‘jumped the shark.’
Listen to TK talk about Monday Night Football, including thoughts on his performance, working with Joe T. and Jaws, the sideline reporter shakeup and where he thinks Wilbon should fit in.
Listen to TK talk about family, fatherhood, James Lipton, Ari Emanuel, Riveria, dinner with Larry David and Norman Chad and whatever else he wants.