Listen to Dan and Nick talk with Chris Cooley
Listen to Chris talk about being a blogger, why he’s so open and why he wasn’t on Costas Now.


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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.

We ask if Chris feels over-exposed, and did he say that the media is lazy and boring?  Pretty much...
We talk about his eating habits, Dale Jr. and who he’d like to meet. It’s not who you’d think...
We talk about Chris’ outlook and being just a kid at heart.  Can he keep that going with a new coach.  Oh, and Zornado or Zornstar?
Listen to Chris’ thought on owners, including his own and players who just don’t get that it’s a game.
Is there as much drama in DC as there is in Philly?  And what does Chris think about Brett Favre?
What’s the best rivalry in the NFL? And why does everyone hate the Cowboys so much?
Who does Chris think is the toughest player to face and who is the dirtiest player?
What Chris’ his post-football plans and how is married life treating him?