Listen to Dan talk to Brian Powell of Awful Announcing - Part 1
Listen to Brian talk about AA, how it started and if he ever thought it’d be as much work as it’s been.


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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.

Listen to Dan talk to Brian Powell of Awful Announcing - Part 2
Listen to Brian talk about his role with Deadspin and the new morning announcements he provides.
How has he never been sued, and is there a place for LA where we’d talk Judge Judy and Texas Justice?
Does Brian get mad when AA gets scooped by another website?
Listen to us talk about the phenomenon that is Erin Andrews
His site is Awful Announcing, but who are some of Brian’s favorite announcers....and don’t say Matt Vas...ah you did it!
Listen to Brian comment on the news coming out of Packer-land (Billy, not Brett on this one)
We talk Joe Buck and spin that to Rick Reilly.  Question: who loves himself more in that duo?
We talk Bob Costas and the cast of thousands covering the Olympics.
What would the world be like without ESPN?
Has the WWL left itself open to infiltration of the market by the growing number of blogs and podcasts out there.  We hope!