Listen to our talk with Gov. Rendell

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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


We talk about the brilliance of the tiny William Penn statue. We then discuss a week-in-the-life of the Governor. Can he be a real guy or is he always the Gov?
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We discuss CNN’s Campbell Brown taking Rendell to task for comments about Janet Napolitano. Rendell responds. And is EVERYTHING news? Can people say anything without it being news?
How much of his job is interviews, photo-ops and public appearances and how much is roll-up-your-sleeves governing?
THE MEDIA IS EVERWHERE!!!! Oh, and we talk the scrutinizing of George Bush (and the job he’s done) and wonder how long Obama’s grace period will be.
What is the Governor’s political end game. Could he be eying an eventual seat in Obama’s Cabinet? Yes, this comes up.
We talk about the Eagles. But first, what does Rendell know more about - sports or politics? Is he just a fan on TV?
We talk about the legacy of Donovan McNabb. Is there a future - win or lose - in this town? What will happen to Five?
We talk about the potential for an All-Pennsylvania Super Bowl. Who will he make a Governor’s bet with? What would that mean for him? For Pennsylvania?
Last question: What athlete in Philadelphia does Rendell think would make the best politician? And more Penn Bowl talk!