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I talk with Adam Gertler about being a finalist on Next Food Network star. What was reality TV like, and how ‘real’ is what they show us on TV?
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Adam was executive chef of The Smoked Joint, but his mom calls him a cook, not a chef. What’s the difference?
We go in depth on The Smoked Joint. What’s the hardest thing about owning a restaurant? Advice for others? Why did the Joint close? Will he come back?
We knew Gertler wouldn’t win NFNS because his ‘pitch show’ was packaged into Ask Aida? Was he mad? What was the timing of the two shows?
We talk about his new show Will Work For Food. What adventures has he gone on? What was harder than he expected it to be? Most fun? And more show talk.
More on the show, including some behind-the-scenes TV stuff. How much theatrics are involved? How prepared is he for each job?
We talk some Philly food. What is his most under-rated Philly food. THE ANSWER WILL SURPRISE. And what would he make for a Super Bowl party.

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