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Mr. Tony is back, but not on radio. Does he miss it? Does he regret the decision? And do you believe that he had no offers?
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Does he ever fear becoming irrelevant? And Tech Talk with Tony, as we discuss Facebook, Twitter and tinfoil in your nose!
We talk about American Idol. Does anyone still care? What does TK think of the changes this year? Paula totally nuts?
We talk about the Inauguration of Barack Obama. What was it like being in DC? What was the traffic like? And what does it mean for the country? The world?
As a writer, what was the most memorable moment of the inauguration? The speech? The walk? Bush 41’s hat?
We talk about Sunday’s concert? Springsteen. Wonder. Beyonce. Bono. Hanks. Who was the biggest star?
MR. TONY’S MAILBAG!  Actual emails from his regular listeners. (Note: this is an extended clip of almost 20 minutes). With some standard Mr. Tony tangents to boot.

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