Listen to Lots of Football talk with Brian Powell

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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


In the intro to the show, Nick and I talk about what we got for the holidays and what we did on New Years. Like you care.
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Brian Powell talks about the college bowl games, how many he’s watched and how great these BCS playoff games have been. Oh....well...

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We talk about the NFL playoffs, how the Wild Card weekend played out and compare it to the weekend in College.
We discuss the bizarre interview on NBC with Matt Millen and Dan Patrick and wonder how rehearsed it was.
Speaking of bizarre. we talk about the marriage between Jay Mariotti and AOL Fanhouse. Will anyone care? How long with it remain profitable?
Nick and I break down the weekend that was and the weekend that will be in the NFL. We also give our Super Bowl picks from our heads...and hearts