Listen to Dan Talk with Ian Eagle

Above is the entire show.  At the bottom, or by clicking the header, you can link to subscribe to the show.

Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


First segment is fantastic. From Eagle’s tumultuous work schedule to his thoughts on Marv Albert (with impersonation) to the real story behind his name - “Eye-in.”
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Another good impersonation, this time of Bill Raftery. We also get the story of how ONIONS!!!! began and get the visual of Raf’s chest hair in a sauna.
We talk about the need to be prepared for the telecast. How much is in advance and how much on the fly. Oh, and some advice for Dickie V’s NBA gig last night.
I ask Eagle what his favorite gig is. Turns out, a lot of what he’s called was the first time he’d ever been to that sport. Oh, and we talk VIDEO GAMES!
We talk about his Sports Broadcasting camp. Is he teaching his replacements? And what happens when “Boom Goes the Dynamite?” Oh, and I pander, again.
We get the scoop on Eagle’s offer to replace Chris Russo on Mike & the Mad Dog. Why did he turn down WFAN?
We talk about the internet. How important are blogs (and podcasts!) to the PbP guys? And why can’t I find anything on Eagle outside of a quick dance and a bar mitzvah reference? Sheesh. did a great piece on Eagle’s Broadcasting Camp. Watch it above. Or watch him dance, below.