Listen to Dan Talk with The guys of The 404

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Below are some highlights from the show, for the ADD afflicted, like me.


Start with the Hot Sauce. Franks Red Hot Sauce of course. Then, what is The 404 and who are these three guys anyway?
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L-R: Justin Yu, Jeff Bakalar and Wilson Tang

Tech talk! More talk about how technology sucks, but we are all beholden to it’s wonders. And is Apple bugging our stuff?
CBS owns CNET. Is there more pressure to perform now? And we talk about the future. Are we the future? What is the next big thing and how can we capitalize?
How do they cater to their rabid fans, yet not lose site of their bigger, perhaps less ardent, listener? And more on the monetization of the internet. Will people eventually pay for what’s now free, or is everything ad-dependent?
Listeners flock to The 404 because of the hosts, not the guests (like our show). Is there more pressure there?
What’s the deal with Wikipedia and why do they hate The 404,deleting the entries?
We talk Wii Fit. Does it really work? Do any of these tech-fads work? And speaking of fads, we talk a little Twitter.
Close talks about the difference between talking ‘with’ and ‘to’ your audience and I plug this summer’s Blog With Balls.