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I remind Wingo he said ESPN was like a blog. We also talk about WBB ratings and why it’s on ESPN2 and not the men’s NIT.
Is it ESPN’s job as a network, and Wingo’s job as host, to promote the women’s game, or just report it?
How much prep work goes into the WBB tourney? And how much prep goes into anchoring in general. Is he able to step in at a moment’s notice?
We talk about the Maryland rallying call, “We Eat Kids.” And Wingo drops some more WBB knowledge.
On to the NFL. Is the 18-game regular season a good idea?
We talk about the rules changes, and is all this mess just a distraction from the NFL’s financial woes?
We discuss the NFL Network. Their model isn’t working. Can networks and (programs like some on ESPN) retool or would that be admitting failure?
We get more into the economics of the game. If revenue was made on luxury suites and nobody can afford (financially or public relations-wise) these boxes, how will teams stay afloat?
What has been the biggest story of the off-season? And (giving it away) what of this Cutler mess?

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