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We talk about, what else, steroids. Is cheating just a part of the game? And as a GM, did he know people were using? What about Piazza?
What is a baseball GM responsible for? How many have a ‘win at all costs’ edict compared to ‘make money first, win second?’ And has the economy really hurt baseball?
Would a salary cap help the game of baseball? And have small-market teams hurt themselves by being too good at wheeling and dealing?
We talk ESPN. Did the think he would like TV as much as he does? And what about those Mock GM pressers they did a few years back?
We talk about Matt Millen, and people who get fired ending up as ‘experts’ on TV. Why should we trust them? And does he have the itch?
I ask Phillips to compare work in the studio to work in the booth. Which is more fun? And does baseball’s booth drastically differ from other sports?
We actually talk some baseball. Are the Mets favorites or chokers again? Does he really like the Cubs to go to the Series? And who will be a breakout star this year?
What has been the best April Fools joke he’s ever been a part of? And I relish in the fact that the Phillies are World Champions.