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Why is EJ so darn likable? And doesn’t he want to punch Bob Costas in the face?
EJ has been at Turner since 1989. He’s undoubtedly had other offers, so why has he never left TNT?
Other than his current job, what would be EJ’s Dream Job? Is it even a job that’s in sports?
He covers basketball, but most people don’t know he’s really a baseball guy at heart. Why?
Why does the TNT studio show work so well. And should we thank them, or curse them for all the copycats?
What is his relationship with Charles Barkley. And how difficult were his very public sit-downs with Chuck.
What does Trust God...Period mean. And how has EJ lived his life by this motto?
How was EJ able to keep his cancer a secret for so long? And how can you trust God when something like this happens?
We finish up with a little NBA talk. Are we witnessing a rebirth of the league? And how bad does the NBA need Kobe vs. LeBron in the finals.

The TNT show is hilarious.

Charles Barkley is a Dumbass.

The show is also real. Barkley’s return to TNT after his recent DUI arrest.

Johnson’s speech at an Athletes In Action function, talking about his cancer and his motto, “Trust God...Period.”

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