DL363: Nepotism, Race & Hidden Cameras

We talk today about Dell Curry being asked by the NBA to NOT vote for the Rookie of the Year because his son is a candidate.

We talk today about Jerry Jones and his hilarious (perhaps drunken) video.

We talk today about race in baseball, juxtaposed with the 30 for 30 story on Allen Iverson last night.

We talk today about a lot of things. We don’t write about as much, because things are happening. Perhaps. Perhaps things are happening.

DL 334: Iverson, Zerkle on Curling, Big East, More Curling, LT & Curling.

Nick and I start the show with a conversation about Allen Iverson’s leave of absence from the Sixers to be by his four-year old daughter’s side. She’s sick. They aren’t sure what it is. Iverson could be done with the Sixers, and in theory, with the NBA if nobody else picks him up.

First and foremost, we wish his daughter a speedy recovery. Being a parent of a child around that age, you spend every minute of every day thinking and worrying about their safety. Second, Nick points out that Iverson’s career may end with a whimper, like most stars that shine bright…then burn out. But if he leaves the game to be with his family, doesn’t that illustrate that Iverson has his priorities straight. That a player everyone called selfish is hanging it up so he can take care of his kids? It’s bittersweet, perhaps.


Josh Zerkle joins the show to promote our curling tournament tonight. There may or may not be spots left, so email me if you’re interested. And we talk about curling in the Olympics, and if it will actually spill over to become a recreational sport in America, not as popular as bowling, but somewhere higher than crab soccer. What, you’ve never played crab soccer with your friends on a nice summer afternoon? You’re not livin…

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