DL388: World Cup Talk (Be Warned)


Nick and I talk about the USMNT match with England. We also discuss the ratings for the match and the job that ESPN/ABC has done. In a word, fantastic.

More on that at .

We throw some baseball in at the end, but this is a back and forth soccer show. Be warned.

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2 Responses to “DL388: World Cup Talk (Be Warned)”

  1. Bassett says:

    Dan & Nick-

    Sweet Sassy MO-Lassy! How can you not want ESPN to work Stu Scott two-waying us fans into the okie doke of ESPN’s World Cup highlight rotation?

    /Blah blah blap!! Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh POWWAAHHH!!!!

  2. Greg Darr says:

    I feel as though ESPN dumbed down the US v. England game by putting John Harkes on. As a huge soccer fan, I was almost insulted when ESPN put him with Tyler. I’m sure Tyler felt insulted as well.