DL353: Breaking Down the Final Four…and more. That Rhymes…all the time(s).

Nick and I are back, no worse for the wear. We break down each of the Final Four teams. In bullets:

• Why do we, and by we I mean I, hate Duke so much? There’s more in there than just them being white guys. Not much more, but more.

• We talk about why nobody picked Michigan State to go to the Final Four, yet everyone is talking about Izzo’s 6 of the last 12 Final Fours. Why didn’t we think of that three weeks ago? Someone, I think Whitlock, said that Izzo is the best basketball coach in the country at any level. Is that fair? Is it true? Or is he a great TOURNAMENT coach?

• We talk about Tennessee shooting too soon on their last possession in that game, and as Chris Littmann tweeted today, we disagree on the idea of ever shooting too soon when your team is losing. He thinks you take the lead as quickly as you can. I think, with a team like MSU doing the same thing to Maryland last week, you milk the clock and either win or lose with the ball in your hands. I would have called timeout and ran the play to leave less time on the clock.

• I’m rooting for West Virginia. The team, not the state. I mean no ill will to those who live there. I bet I like a bunch of people from there. But let’s not turn a bunch of NYC area kids winning a few games into some grand statement about the people from that state. I’m looking at you, .

• Butler is a great story, but will there be THAT MUCH of a home-court advantage for them? Sure it’s at home, but don’t people root for the underdog everywhere? Will there be that many more fans rooting for them in the stands in Indy as there would be in New Orleans? Will Hoosier fans be so quick to jump on the Butler Bandwagon when their team is in shambles?

Inside the Press Box:

We discuss two notes from this week. The story on Mike Penner in the LA Times, and the PFT story about Tim Tebow’s autograph session and the role the Palm Beach Post played in sponsoring and covering it.


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DL:350 Enjoy the Tournament. Nick Is Doing So Bracket Free

Nick didn’t do a bracket. I call him a chump. Maybe he’s right. Unless I win, then I will mock him. Go watch Zoe’s picks, and then enjoy the games. Today we talk about the Tournament, Tebow at the draft (I think it’s a good idea and Nick does not) and some Tiger notes, including a wonderful column from our friendly neighborhood general columnist.

Thanks and enjoy the games. Click here to listen to the show. We’ll be back on Monday.

DL339: A Salute to New Jobs, Should Politics Impact Who We Root For & March is Getting Madder

We turn the show upside-down today and lead off with some Housekeeping.

A heartfelt congratulations to the fine folks at The Basketball Jones, who will now be doing the show on a full-time basis for The Score. There have been only a few times I can remember where I was as genuinely happy to hear news like this…for someone else. We wouldn’t be doing a daily show if they didn’t show me it’s possible…even if it does make you insane…and we congratulate and salute those Canadian bastards for not only doing things the “right” way, but also for doing it their way. They earned this by doing their show the way they wanted to do it, and that deserves the most applause.

While we’re patting friends on the back, a hearty congratulations to John Gonzalez of the Philadelphia Inquirer and a contestant in Blogs with Stones. He’s joining Vai Sikahema every weekday from 10-2 on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. I had issues with that time slot in the past, but not anymore. Good for them.

Also, last bit of housekeeping…JOIN OUR BABY POOL. We’re turning it into a show contest, with the winner getting half the pot and the other half going to charity. Sign up at and tell your friends.

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