DL555: This Is The Last Show

Thanks to everyone who participated on this episode and every episode. This is the last show. There will be one more post coming in a few minutes that’s my official thank you to the sports blogosphere, so I just want to say a personal note of thanks to Nick, my wife and everyone who ever [...]

We’ve interviewed a ton of great guests during this run, but no show had as many downloads as our conversation with ESPN’s Josh Elliott. It wouldn’t be right to end the show without having him on again (in hopes that traffic magic returns with him, of course.) Elliott is leaving his gig as the morning [...]

DL553: Tackling Women In Locker Rooms (Not Literally). Plus: Manny and the HOF

Nick and I do one last show before the two last shows, talking about Tara Sullivan’s treatment at the Masters, her subsequent tweet heard round the world and the fallout from what she said…and what a security guard did. Here’s her blog post about it. Here’s another take we discuss. Also, if Manny Ramirez, Barry [...]

DL552: Josh Zerkle & Bethlehem Shoals On Why We’re All Quitting This Week

This show has always served as somewhat of a living, breathing therapy session for me. I honestly and truly believe that there’s a 50% chance I go insane on Friday. Until then, we have a few shows left and this one is one I hope you download and stick into some kind of time capsule [...]

DL550: Wyshynski on Rasslin’, Media, Blogs, NHL Playoffs, Twins, Canada & Fun

I told my wife last year, or maybe two years ago, that if it ever got to the point where Nick had obligations that precluded him from doing the show on a daily basis, the first person I’d ask to co-host with me would be Greg Wyshynski from Yahoo’s Puck Daddy. Something about two jerks [...]

DL549: Well, At Least It Was Close

Nick and I talk first about the NCAA Title game, the commentators, the Tweeters and recap a pretty lackluster finale. We do talk about Jim Nantz’s inexplicable “dog fight” reference during the game and I pat myself on the back for almost nailing the Nantz-ism that ended the game. Then Jon Tannenwald joins the show [...]

DL548: Final Four, Logistics, MLB Openers & Is Mark Cuban Wrong About ESPN Tweeters?

We start with a conversation about the Final Four and marvel at the fact that the UConn men’s team got to the title game and the women’s team didn’t? You know what I blame…Logistics. (if you haven’t been bombarded with the UPS Logistics ads featuring coaches — especially UConn women’s coach Geno Auriemma — you’re [...]

DL547: Are We Too Savvy For April Fools? Plus, Bad Fans & Bad PR On Opening Day

We were going to announce that we are joining Bleacher Report today. We were even going to get the guys from Bleacher Report involved. But man you really have to go to great lengths to trick people now. Is it even possible — outside of re-designing your whole site or spending weeks and weeks planning [...]

Quick recap today. • Nick talks about hearing Mike Missanelli of Philly sports talk radio’s 97.5 The Fanatic rip a Bleacher Report article, written by a 14 year-old kid. Here’s that article, and here’s a rebuttal by another B/R scribe chiding Mikey Miss. The issue, of course, is less about the quality of Bleacher Report [...]

You smell that? No, seriously, do you smell that? It’s the smell of spring. It’s the smell of rain and flowers and birds crapping on your car (well, my car). But most importantly, it’s the smell of pretzels and peanuts and Cracker Jacks. It’s the smell of baseball. Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo’s Big League Stew [...]