DL387: World Cup Day! We Talk World Cup Food & Tackle The Other Big News in Sports

World Cup day! Let’s not waste time reading. CLICK THIS LINK to Sarah Sprague (TheStarterWife) and her amazing World Cup food breakdown. Every country in the tournament, represented by food. And you can vote. We go through some of the highlights. I think I’m going burger. Nick and I also talk about the excitement of [...]

Food. More Food. Food. Signing Day. Overrated Chants. Food. Grooves. Food.

So if you can’t tell by the headline, we talk about food today. Sarah Sprague from Black and Gold Tchotchkes joins the show to talk about her 14 Days of Super Bowl Recipes. Amazing work.
But first, Nick and I talk about National Signing day, focusing not just on the teams this year, but taking a look back at some previous years to see if the five star locks held up. Fun stuff to look back from a few years ago to see how the recrutniks fared.

The Weekend That Is = FOOD.

Sarah, aka TheStarterWife on the interwebs, has your Super Bowl Party covered. We run through nearly the full list of her recipes, and she talks about how simple some of them really are to make.

And we get so into this food stuff we actually talk about the rehydration process of peas, only do dehydrate them again to be coated in wasabi. Yes, a twice dehydrated pea!

We talk about the lack of native cuisine to Indianapolis, which is what led to her picking Sugar Cream Pie to go up against N’awlins Jambalaya in her Super Bowl city cook-off.

She has pretzel bread, so we talk about the potential for blasphemy with regard to screwing with the soft pretzel. But she is a Steelers fan and has Pittsburgh roots, so she knows the importance of the pretzel to this part of the country. Oh, and the Mac and Cheese bites look incredible.

And yes, she has blueberry salsa and made her own chips to go with them. Folks, she’s doing the Lord’s work. Go read everything, like, NOW.

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