Josh Zerkle Recaps Vegas. Plus: Berman to NFLN? Sapp & Irvin, SAS Writing, ASG vs. Olympics.

Josh Zerkle from With Leather joins the show to give his recap of our time in Vegas. For more on that, read his recap at With Leather, or , or watch the video I put together.

And no, we don’t go through a hand-by-hand recap of the tournament. It’s more about the time in Vegas, the people we saw and the bets we made. Fun times.

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Super Bowl. Commercials. Vegas.

Nick and I are back and we run through the Super Bowl, albeit a day late.

Culture Pop:

We also tackle the Super Bowl commercials to give some of our favorite and least favorite spots in the game. (.)


And we talk about Vegas. A lot more on that in the next few days, but I’ll give you this: I finished 14th in the Trash Talk Championship of the World. The guys at Victory Poker were very gracious and equally as cool to hang out with. I had the best seat in the house, with a cast of pros and celebrities surrounding me. Just a great time was had by all.

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Early Flight. Super Bowl Picks.

With the snow about to crush the East Coast, I got an earlier flight, so I have to hustle. Didn’t want to not put up our official picks, so that’s what this is.
Follow me on Twitter to get updates from Vegas, and stop by The Sporting Blog for some highlights of the Trash Talk Championship.

Have a great weekend. Be safe. Go….Super Bowl!

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Trash Talk Championship Of the World – We have a Winner!


Good effort by Sebek as well, with both participants (and good sports, really) getting far more votes than I had anticipated. Thanks to everyone who voted. There will be more on the Trash Talk Championship in the weeks to come.

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Look, if you’ve ever listened to the show or read some of my internet ramblings you know I like to talk some trash. And in no way can I back any of it up. Nevertheless, I was graciously invited to take part in the Trash Talk Championship of the World, taking place this February, in Vegas. The vital details:

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