DL376: Flyer’d Up Bandwagon, The Graying Line of Media & Dead Animals On My Lawn

We start with some talk about the Flyers making it to the Stanley Cup Finals, but in no way do we gush like we have in the past about the Phillies. We’re unabashed bandwagon hoppers this year.

Oh, we’re having a mayoral bet with Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo’s Big League Stew. What should be ask for from Chicago? We’re putting up some TastyKakes. And for the record, , but do not expect them to do so.


We talk about the Dwayne Bowe story that’s circulating from ESPN the Magazine about a chicken in every pot, or in this case, a woman in every room. Should this get him in trouble with the team? Is his “bad judgement” as Nick put it the fact that he was a part of this or that he told the media about the clandestine situation that has been going on for FIFTY YEARS? And that’s our question: when did this start to become news? Hasn’t this kind of thing happened since professional sports began, but what wasn’t news decades ago — a secret kept by the media from the public for the players — is now front-page stuff.

And this story didn’t come from a gossip blog. This was testimony in a national magazine. We discuss the transition of the media going from being on the player’s side of this imaginary line to being on the public’s.

We also touch on the story from Friday on Deadspin about the woman who defecated in a trash can (due to, what she claims, were medical circumstances). Why is that on Deadspin? Because it happened at ESPN. Nick and I take both sides of the way Craggs handled the story.

Josh Zerkle Recaps Vegas. Plus: Berman to NFLN? Sapp & Irvin, SAS Writing, ASG vs. Olympics.

Josh Zerkle from With Leather joins the show to give his recap of our time in Vegas. For more on that, read his recap at With Leather, or , or watch the video I put together.

And no, we don’t go through a hand-by-hand recap of the tournament. It’s more about the time in Vegas, the people we saw and the bets we made. Fun times.

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Super Bowl. Commercials. Vegas.

Nick and I are back and we run through the Super Bowl, albeit a day late.

Culture Pop:

We also tackle the Super Bowl commercials to give some of our favorite and least favorite spots in the game. (.)


And we talk about Vegas. A lot more on that in the next few days, but I’ll give you this: I finished 14th in the Trash Talk Championship of the World. The guys at Victory Poker were very gracious and equally as cool to hang out with. I had the best seat in the house, with a cast of pros and celebrities surrounding me. Just a great time was had by all.

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Early Flight. Super Bowl Picks.

With the snow about to crush the East Coast, I got an earlier flight, so I have to hustle. Didn’t want to not put up our official picks, so that’s what this is.
Follow me on Twitter to get updates from Vegas, and stop by The Sporting Blog for some highlights of the Trash Talk Championship.

Have a great weekend. Be safe. Go….Super Bowl!

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Food. More Food. Food. Signing Day. Overrated Chants. Food. Grooves. Food.

So if you can’t tell by the headline, we talk about food today. Sarah Sprague from Black and Gold Tchotchkes joins the show to talk about her 14 Days of Super Bowl Recipes. Amazing work.
But first, Nick and I talk about National Signing day, focusing not just on the teams this year, but taking a look back at some previous years to see if the five star locks held up. Fun stuff to look back from a few years ago to see how the recrutniks fared.

The Weekend That Is = FOOD.

Sarah, aka TheStarterWife on the interwebs, has your Super Bowl Party covered. We run through nearly the full list of her recipes, and she talks about how simple some of them really are to make.

And we get so into this food stuff we actually talk about the rehydration process of peas, only do dehydrate them again to be coated in wasabi. Yes, a twice dehydrated pea!

We talk about the lack of native cuisine to Indianapolis, which is what led to her picking Sugar Cream Pie to go up against N’awlins Jambalaya in her Super Bowl city cook-off.

She has pretzel bread, so we talk about the potential for blasphemy with regard to screwing with the soft pretzel. But she is a Steelers fan and has Pittsburgh roots, so she knows the importance of the pretzel to this part of the country. Oh, and the Mac and Cheese bites look incredible.

And yes, she has blueberry salsa and made her own chips to go with them. Folks, she’s doing the Lord’s work. Go read everything, like, NOW.

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TSB’s Chris Littmann Talks Media Day & Super Bowl Week from Miami. Plus: Rex’s Fine, Signing Day, Golf Grooves and more Soccer Infidelity.

joins the show from Miami to talk about media day. We run though what the event was like and talk about some of the highlights. Honestly, rather than read it here, go check out the great coverage at TSB from Littmann and Tunison, who I am calling the Crockett and Tubbs of the Sporting News team.

Football Talk:

Nick and I follow up the football talk with more football talk. Really.

We discuss the two major ankle stories this week, including the one where Warren Sapp is adamant that Dwight Freeney won’t play this Sunday because he didn’t have his ankle wrapped or iced during the ONE HOUR of media day. Methinks he’s talking just to talk. Oh, and the other story? . Whodathunkit?

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Will Carroll Talks Colts, Indy and Freeney’s Ankle. Plus PECOTA and Union Talk. Also: John Terry, Rex Ryan, Roger Federer.

We throw a lot at you on this show. First, Will Carroll from Baseball Prospectus joins the show to talk about, what else, FOOTBALL!

Carroll is an Indianapolis guy, so I wanted to get his take on the scene in Indy. Is it the euphoria like in New Orleans or more of a “been there done that” after winning a Super Bowl not too long ago?

We discuss the depth of the Colts and how losing Dwight Freeney may not be that big a deal. Oh, and we talk about Freeney’s ankle in a conversation that may or may not make sense after reports that he might have torn ligaments and not just a sprain.

But, it wouldn’t be right to have Carroll on and not talk a little baseball. We discuss the PECOTA rankings and try to figure out if throwing a dart against a wall is more or less accurate than their division winners. Note, I will not be betting any houses against the Yankees making the playoffs.

We also talk about the state of the labor unions in the major sports. Could we see a 2011 without any professional sports? Not likely, but it is, in a way, possible.

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