DL419: Shane Bacon on PGA, Bunkers. Plus: Strasburg, Robot Umps, More

Shane Bacon joins the show to talk about the PGA and, specifically, to give some player insight into the Dustin Johnson ruling. We spend a good amount of time on that, but also focus quite a bit on the final round, from Nick Watney’s implosion to Bubba Watson’s hazard to Martin Kaymer’s win and everything in between.

Nick and I then spend a lot of time on baseball, talking about the current standings before realizing that, holy crap, there’s still 45 games to go. With football starting, doesn’t it feel like it’s almost time for the playoffs?

Also, we tackle Stephen Strasburg’s comments about Bryce Harper (“If [Harper] wants to play here, he’s going to play here. If he doesn’t want to play here, then we don’t want him here.”) to talk about how ridiculous this whole charade is.

Harper left high school early to enroll in JC so he could start his pro baseball clock early. Now he’s going to SIT OUT A YEAR? Please. It’s all posturing. And Strasburg is great for calling him out, even if he did basically do the same thing last year.

Also discussed: ROBOT UMPIRES. Then a little on the EPL opening weekend and Top Chef/Next Food Network Star.

Thanks for listening.

DL418: Phil Catelinet Relives His JetBlue Media Whirlwind. Plus: Sports

Phil Catelinet is a longtime listener to the show and now, news media veteran.

He was on the JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to New York where the flight attendant went nutso. Phil tweeted about the incident, and the flight attendant talking about things on the Air Train back to the train/parking areas. It ended up turning into a media whirlwind that included interviews with the local newspapers, local TV and even a run of interviews on Today, CBS Early Show, CNN and Fox News, to name a few.


We talk about the experience — and how until last night he seemed to be the only person on the plane who had talked on the record — and he takes us through an unbelievable chain of behind-the-scenes media events that give a great look into the world of TV “journalism.” This story includes everything from reporters staking out his apartment to networks asking for exclusivity to producers calling his mother in Pittsburgh and father in DC to try and get them to convince him to come on and talk about the situation.

Keep in mind, Phil didn’t actually see anything. He heard the intercom and was in the train when the attendant re-told the story. He had the presence of mind to tweet things out, but was not (a) the attendant or (b) the passenger in the fight with said attendant. Yet, for one day (and presumably more until he cut it off) he was the most wanted guest in TV news.

Think about it…if the reporters could find Phil’s PARENTS, why couldn’t they find anyone else on the plane to talk? Again, this is a really interesting look into the rat race world of TV news.


Nick and I compare Phil’s “fame” to Antoine Dodson before arguing about sports matters. People seem to like when we argue, so…you’re welcome.

DL416: The Great Baseball Race. Plus, Do You Believe Woody or Cush?

We start the show talking about the great races in MLB, specifically the fact that with 50 games to go . The next few months — even with football starting — should provide some compelling (and attention grabbing) baseball.

Will we get a Game 163 again this year? Can you imagine the AL Central without one at this point? And what will happen with all the rain outs that will turn late-season off days into extra days of travel and baseball.

We also talk about Jason Heyward’s birthday homer (more on that later today at Press Coverage).


We play a game of “Do you believe” to discuss if we believe Woody Johnson when he says he doesn’t expect Darrelle Revis will play this season. THIS SEASON?!@?

DL415: HOF, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Bill Leavy, Derek Jeter, No-Hitters, Barack Obama, LeBron James

The headline basically says it all.

We talk about the Hall of Fame. We talk about Bill Leavy’s admission to the Seahawks that he may have had a few bad calls in the Super Bowl FIVE YEARS AGO.


We talk about Derek Jeter’s hits and how despite being the most prolific Yankee of all time, he’s still 39th in MLB history and doesn’t yet have 2,900 hits, let alone the magic 3,000. What does this latest “record” mean for baseball? Nothing, other than the Yankees had great teams in their history, but never a player who had 3,000 hits. That’s about it.

We also talk about Brandon Morrow’s near no-hitter to go back to our conversation from a few weeks ago asking if you root for the no-hitter or for it to be broken up. Evan Longoria did just that with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, taking a no-no away from the Blue Jays hurler. It would have been the THIRD time the Rays were no-hit THIS YEAR (add in the one Matt Garza threw and that’s a lot of no-hitters to be involved in) which is pretty amazing for any team, let alone a team fighting for a division title.


Nick brings up Barack Obama’s celebrity pick-up game with LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, et al that the President had for wounded troops to mention the fact that the media was not allowed in. Did not allowing the media inside make the story more interesting to the media, and thus create more coverage from an event that you were trying to not have covered?

On that note, we briefly discuss if the First Family is living two lives — one of governance and one of celebrity. They seem great at the celebrity, but is that hurting the other role? Or could anyone be successful right now in the other role?

Somehow this turns into a conversation about Obama hanging out with LeBron and how you can be famous, but not all that well liked by those in America. That leads to a conversation about how Brett Favre should be hanging out with George Bush, and they should play in some kind of pickup game against Obama and LeBron. They have to be the four people in America we like/hate the most right now. It just seems right to get them on some kind of field or court together.

Speaking of not liking those who represent your country, some very prominent English soccer players got booed on their home soil in this weekend to their World Cup failures. Would that happen in America? Do we care enough about any international competition? Landon Donovan and Bob Bradley did the talk show circuit after the World Cup and they were knocked out in the same round as the English team. Should our expectations be higher, or is booing those who represent your country bad form?

DL413: A Fight About Baseball Fights, Texas Rangers & We Don’t Let the Show Get Hijacked

We do our best to avoid letting the show get hijacked.

Instead we have a lengthy (and rather unexpected) debate — fine, not really a fight as the headline indicates, but whatever — about when is and isn’t the right time to throw at the other team. And, as was the case in the Red Sox/Indians game last night, is it okay to throw at the other team more than once if you miss the first time?

We also ask the question of who fans would rather have owning their team — the Hall of Fame player (who has done a good job running the team so far) or the dynamic local owner of another team that you know will do everything to win?

Nick and I talk about , Dom Brown’s debut, the and what that means from a PR perspective (and how to fix that if you’re ESPN) and other stuff, including a little on the shakeup at ABC and how TV has changed in the last five years and some talk of the MLS All-Star Game.

Quick recap, so go listen. And thanks for doing so.

DL407: This Show is the Wind Beneath The Hawk’s Wings

We talk about a lot on this episode, including the Baseball Hall of Fame — which includes part of Andre Dawson’s speech that we reference in today’s title.

We also touch on NFL training camp and Dez Bryant’s refusal to carry Roy Williams’ pads. Which side would you be on…the hot-shot rookie who may be too big for his britches or the veteran who may just be a dick because he knows his job is going to get taken?

There’s more to this, including something about NASCAR, Tour de France, MLS All-Star game and the U.S. Open buildup. Of course, we talk about all of this because I expected Nick to watch Mad Men and he didn’t, so we couldn’t discuss it. Serves me right for staying up late.

Thanks for listening.

DL397: What Else? LeBron. Plus: Howard, Votto, All-Stars, Derby, More

We discuss the unavoidable: LeBron’s personal signing day.

Specifically, we discuss the news that ESPN will have an hour-long special. It’s a great get by the WWL, even if the hour is going to be completely and utterly ridiculous. My suggestion is that LeBron should name a team without cap space for him and give them an hour on live TV to make room. That would be great TV. Nick thinks it should be like a wrestling PPV…Oh my gawd that’s Chris Bosh’s music!

Either way, it’s ridiculous. But should we expect anything less from “King James.”

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Two topics today. First, the fantastic debut of Stephen Strasburg. He has managed to exceed early expectations. He will never exceed the hype.

I’m not trying to throw cold water on his performance which was both historic and important for the city, and the game of baseball, but I hope two things come out of last night’s game.

First, I hope fans in DC show up tonight. And show up in five days (or whenever his next home start will be). Don’t make this a one-game event. Show up. Support your team because they’re actually pretty darn good this year.

Second, I hope Bob Costas goes back and listens to his call of last night’s game where he compared Strasburg to no less than eight different Hall of Fame pitchers. He actually said at one point in the game that — based on hype, a few minor league starts and FIVE INNINGS IN THE MAJORS — Strasburg could be in line for the Hall of Fame as long as he stays healthy.

Come on. It’s one start. It was 91 (or so) pitches. He was dazzling. But Walter Johnson has a high school named after him. Right now there’s as good a chance that Strasburg ends up like Mark Prior than Nolan Ryan. Let’s be excited, but Costas nearly ruined the moment by trying too hard to make it one.


College football will end up just being one huge conference. . We talk about the expansion mess.

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DL381: Near Perfection, Junior Retires, Stanley Cup Finals

Two shows today. This is the first. We talk about the perfect game that wasn’t, but still could be. How long until we have robot umpires? We also talk about Ken Griffey Jr.’s retirement. More on that at TSB, including a look at his Top Ten moments. Plus, the Stanley Cup finals were totally overshadowed [...]