So Let Me Introduce to You…

The one and only…Max Franklin Levy. Born in the evening of April 14. Everyone is doing well. Tired, but well. For more pictures, click here.

DL363: Nepotism, Race & Hidden Cameras

We talk today about Dell Curry being asked by the NBA to NOT vote for the Rookie of the Year because his son is a candidate.

We talk today about Jerry Jones and his hilarious (perhaps drunken) video.

We talk today about race in baseball, juxtaposed with the 30 for 30 story on Allen Iverson last night.

We talk today about a lot of things. We don’t write about as much, because things are happening. Perhaps. Perhaps things are happening.

DL362: NHL, Legal Analysis of Roethlisberger Case & Pulit…SURPRISE!

All apologies for the short recaps this week. Eh, be happy there’s a show at all, because frankly, I’m not. I just want this boy to show up already.

Anyway, We talk about three things today.

First, Nick and I discuss the NHL! We talk about why shootouts in sports are okay in certain instances, and then talk about how the Devils and Flyers are playing zero games on national TV when, as Nick points out, every other series has at least three games on national TV. Make sense? Does everyone hate these two teams that much?


Neil Jacobs, a Washington, D.C. defense attorney and our legal analyst, joins the show to talk about Ben Roethlisberger’s situation. Would he, as a defense attorney, eat the prosecution alive with the circumstantial nature of this case, and is that why the prosecutor can’t do much more than come out with a presser talking about Ben being a bad guy and “if he were my son, I’d tell him to grow up.”

We also get some insight into the thinking of a defense lawyer in a situation like this. Do you want to know the truth? Is it harder to defend someone if you know they did it?

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DL361: Phil Mickelson is the Master of Golf’s Domain

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Here’s 1,000 words on Phil Mickelson winning the Masters.

Plus, Nick’s best man speech, our trip to the hospital and a detailed breakdown of CBS covering the Masters. Click here to listen.

DL360: And Now For a Bunch of Things These Two Know Nothing About

Oooh, episode 360. You spin me right round, internet, right round. Like a record, internet, right round, round round.

Today’s show talks about women’s basketball, coaches who can’t get fired for performance quite possibly doing so for getting in an argument at a game for which they aren’t even a coach (as Nick says, Rutgers basketball coach Fred Hill may as well have taken a bucket of money, lit it on fire and thrown it at the Pittsburgh baseball team), the magic of Lionel Messi — and if he’s reached that level of transcendent sports icon, even in America — and David Shuster getting suspended, and maybe canned from MSNBC for filming a pilot with CNN.

So basically, it’s a show of topics we really know nothing about. Well, except the Rutgers stuff. And, I suppose, the women’s basketball stuff. And the soccer, a little. And even the TV and PR angles.

Hey, not so bad. Thanks for listening.

DL359: One Shining Moment For Duke, Shane Bacon on Tiger’s Presser & Masters Preview, Opening Day!

It’s the day after Sports Christmas and we’re still opening presents. The show is in three segments.

First, Nick and I talk about the National Championship game and I sound like, gasp, an NBA fan. People are talking about how great the game was, but does close automatically equal great? There was very little scoring at the end of the game – one point scored in the last 54 seconds and no baskets for the national champion in more than two and a half minutes to end it – but it was hard-fought and tenacious. Does that, alone, make the game as great as people are writing today?

Also, we apologize to Duke. They deserve the title. And we rip to shreds One Shining Moment and whoever at CBS thought it was okay to put FIVE different shots of Jennifer Hudson. .


Shane Bacon and I talk about the Tiger Woods press conference. For video clips, and my take, . For Shane’s take on the presser – other than our conversation – read him .

We also take some time to preview the Masters. Is Anthony Kim the guy? Is another young gun? How about a guy like Steve Stricker? Or maybe a guy named….Phil….something.

Can Mickelson compete after having a rough start to the season? And will he go into his presser this week and remind everyone that his wife and mother had cancer and it’s not all about Tiger’s big swinging…putter?

To read his preview, . (Lots of plugs today).


Opening Day. We can breathe again, as baseball is back. Nick and I talk about the winners and losers. Hey, look, a plug. .

Click here for audio. Thanks for listening.

DL358: Opening Day, McNabb Trade, National Title Game & More Important Things on Sports Christmas

Today’s show is more like a watercooler conversation than anything. We had topics — how could you not know the topics — so we just talk. Nick calls today “Sports Christmas.” I am unfamiliar with that term.

McNabb trade, Opening Day (a National Halladay in these parts), National Championship game with Duke and Butler and other important things.

Oh, and at some point my wife calls and I think she’s in labor. Thanks for listening.

DL357: Marcellus Wiley on Winners Bracket, Going from Compton to Columbia & Life After the NFL

Marcellus Wiley is an interesting Dude. He grew up in Compton, moved across the country to go to Columbia for college and ended up playing for a decade in the NFL – a Pro Bowler and All-Pro in his career – before getting into the media side of things. As it turns out, football was just a means to an end for him.

For a transcription of parts some this interview, . We spend a lot of time discussing the mentality of the NFL players who seem consumed by football and nothing else. Wiley explains that while he was at Columbia, some of the kids he went to school with would get dropped off in helicopters and had more money than he could ever imagine…and more money than he’d ever make just being a football player in the NFL. He knew then that the NFL was a stepping stone to other things in life and not his only legacy.

But it is the legacy for a lot – dare I say most – NFL athletes? I get his thoughts on players who stay in the game too long, especially those who have multiple concussions and continue to go back on the field. We talk about the safety measures in the sport – with better helmets and padding and preventative measures – but at some point, isn’t the culpability with the player to know when to quit? Isn’t having a life after football worth more than the money or fame you get for playing that one extra year?

Did you know he could type 82 words a minute? When he was in the seventh grade?

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DL356: Steve Phillips to Fanhouse, Todd McShay Slammed on PFT, CNN Getting Crushed

Three stories today, after getting April Fooled by my wife. Not funny to say you’re having a baby while the show is taping. Well, maybe it’s funny.

First, we talk about Steve Phillips going to Fanhouse, and doing a sit-down for the site about his sex addiction. .

Second, we talk about Todd McShay getting blasted by an anonymous source on PFT. Is that kosher for Florio to run an anonymous slamjob like that without getting some other side or corroboration? And who is this scout who wasn’t named? That seems awful cowardly, whether you agree or not.

Last, we talk about CNN getting crushed in the ratings. Man alive they need another tsunami or something.

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