Nick and I talk about , Dom Brown’s debut, the and what that means from a PR perspective (and how to fix that if you’re ESPN) and other stuff, including a little on the shakeup at ABC and how TV has changed in the last five years and some talk of the MLS All-Star Game.

Quick recap, so go listen. And thanks for doing so.

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3 Responses to “DL410: Oswalt to Philly, Dom Brown’s Debut, ESPN’s LeBron Story, Other Stuff”

  1. Rupesh Sharma says:

    I was listening to the beginning of your show, and you should add Mike Leake, the Reds rookie pitcher, who did not pitch in the minors, to your list for the Year of the Young Players/Rookies.

  2. GregD says:

    Wait, so articles go live on the site without being linked to? It would be pretty easy to findthem even if they haven’t been linked to. This happens all the time in the tech world.

  3. In regards to your talk about network television ratings, I wonder how it will affect sports on the major networks and the mega-deals signed with various leagues. On the one hand, it’s a live event that can draw some of the bigger numbers on the networks. And on the other hand, the price of those rights almost puts sports in the position of a loss-leader to promote other shows. If you’re not getting the bump during the World Series for an all new episode of the latest Fox drama du jour, the network can’t in good conscience offer MLB a sweetheart deal to continue inflicting Buck/McCarver on the world.