DL427: Bob Bradley, Mike Wise Reactions, Mariotti, Mad Men, Vacation

Long shows always beget short recaps. Nick and I discuss more of the Mike Wise situation from a social media construct and try to parse some of the reactions to his original comments and his apology.

We also talk about Around the Horn discussing Jay Mariotti’s situation. Good job by ESPN and the producers of ATH.

Jon Tannenwald of The Goalkeeper then joins the show for a lengthy discussion about Bob Bradley. Is this a situation where he couldn’t get a better job and the U.S. federation couldn’t find a better coach so it’s a marriage of convenience? Or is Bradley actually the best man for the job?

DL426: Mike Wise on Big Ben Tweet, ProFootballTalk, Socia Media

Thanks to the quick work of Kogod, I was able to talk with Mike Wise of the Washington Post this afternoon about becoming public enemy #1 on Twitter today : “Roethlisberger will get five games, I’m told.”

It’s unsourced, and was followed by other erroneous and misleading tweets, as part of a bit for his radio show. The problem? Not everyone was listening to his radio show. Most notably, ProFootballTalk. They are not fans of Mike Wise today.

Listen to the audio below, but here are some of Wise’s comments about the situation. First, technology failed him, and cause a lot of people a lot of wasted energy tracking down (and writing about) this news.

“Where I screwed up was, I literally put a tweet right after that saying, ‘can’t reveal my sources…oh yeah, it’s a casino employee in Lake Tahoe’ and so I get this ‘Twitter is over-booked, try back later.’ So the actual secondary tweet doesn’t go come out until…a half hour to an hour later and I was on the radio show at the time and I didn’t even look up for 20 minutes to see that it hadn’t tweeted.”

DL425: Manny, Pujols, Clooney & The Emmys

We talk about Manny getting tossed and then sent to the White Sox. We run down the division races in baseball. We then comment on the Glenn Beck rally where Albert Pujols was given a GOLD MEDAL and talked about his charity work and Jesus Christ. Political? LaRussa? We discuss.

The rest of the show is a look at the Emmys. We love TV more than sports — or at least as much — so indulge our thoughts on the Emmys, who won the awards. Oh, we love George Clooney too. We discuss if there are any other actors who have gone from TV to movies and become enormous stars like Clooney. We mention Tom Hanks and fail to find another name of that caliber (note: my wife suggested Robin Williams, but that was after we stopped taping).

We posted late last night about the . At what point do we start to sympathize with Woods having to deal with the constant barrage of inane questions from reporters who, frankly, have no business being credentialed at a golf press conference?

That conversation hopped skipped and jumped us across the pond to talk about the report this weekend from Polly Vernon of The Guardian who spoke with Vanessa Perroncel, the woman in the middle of John Terry’s recent sex scandal. You may remember Perroncel as the the significant other of Wayne Bridge – the former Chelsea defender who moved to Man City then refused to play for England after this scandal hit. Reportedly, when Bridge left Chelsea, the two became distant and Perroncel — who has a child with Bridge — started to spend time with Terry — who is married. They were “just friends” but it reportedly turned into much more, culminating (reportedly) with Perroncel getting pregnant and subsequently having an abortion.

The scandal was front-page news around the world for weeks. Yet according to Perroncel, it wasn’t true at all:

What was the first you knew of it?

DL423: John Ourand on Jenn Brown and ESPN’s Ombudsman. And More.

and Richard Deitsch of SI were chatting on Twitter the other day about the potential conflict of interest Jenn Brown may have as spokeswoman for IceHouse beer and ESPN college sports sideline reporter. I thought it was ridiculous at the time and still think it’s ridiculous.

ESPN, however, does not find it ridiculous, as they (even after they approved it, according to MillerCoors). So, did Deitsch and Ourand kill this deal for her? I wanted to ask Deitsch, who tweeted a response to this allegation and denied my repeated cajoling to come on and the show and talk about it. Ourand was more forthcoming and generously gave up his time to discuss the situation.

He feels I’m giving too much credit to two media writers on Twitter and that the deal may have been quashed with more important folks in mind…namely the NCAA and the heads of major conferences who take the association with alcohol very seriously. I try to point out the hypocrisy in that hypothesis. I’m not sure I succeed.

As mentioned late last week, I was asked to be part of the , a group of online media who will put our fantasy football wits against one another for blogger supremacy. The league is sponsored by Proctor and Gamble (P&G for short) who — FULL DISCLOSURE — are giving us a ton of swag, some of which we’ll be sharing with you, dear reader, during the season.

The winner of our league will be going to the Super Bowl on P&G’s dime — FULL DISCLOSURE — and that’s pretty awesome.

With that, we went up to the NFL offices in New York last week to do our draft in their conference room. See:

With that, I’m happy to have on the show (audio link at the bottom of this post). Brian is the lead voice behind The Jets Blog, covering the NYJ for SNY. We talked about our experience up in New York…and no, it’s not about who we picked in our fantasy drafts.

DL421: Shoals on Whitlock. Plus: From Tiger to Mad Men to Mosques (Oh My)

Nick and I spent a lot of time talking about Jason Whitlock’s “Explanation” yesterday. Well, we talked around it more than talked about it, considering neither of us actually listened to the three hour tour. Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko and Fanhouse did, in fact, look into the sun last Friday afternoon. He lived to [...]

DL420: Vin Scully, Lou Piniella, Mariotti, Whitlock, Jenn Brown, More

We haven’t done a show in a while. I was in New York for the Blogger Fantasy League draft at the NFL offices (more on that tomorrow). Today, we tackle a lot of media stories in the news. We talk about Vin Scully’s announcement that he’ll be back in the booth in 2011. We juxtapose [...]

DL419: Shane Bacon on PGA, Bunkers. Plus: Strasburg, Robot Umps, More

Shane Bacon joins the show to talk about the PGA and, specifically, to give some player insight into the Dustin Johnson ruling. We spend a good amount of time on that, but also focus quite a bit on the final round, from Nick Watney’s implosion to Bubba Watson’s hazard to Martin Kaymer’s win and everything in between.

Nick and I then spend a lot of time on baseball, talking about the current standings before realizing that, holy crap, there’s still 45 games to go. With football starting, doesn’t it feel like it’s almost time for the playoffs?

Also, we tackle Stephen Strasburg’s comments about Bryce Harper (“If [Harper] wants to play here, he’s going to play here. If he doesn’t want to play here, then we don’t want him here.”) to talk about how ridiculous this whole charade is.

Harper left high school early to enroll in JC so he could start his pro baseball clock early. Now he’s going to SIT OUT A YEAR? Please. It’s all posturing. And Strasburg is great for calling him out, even if he did basically do the same thing last year.

Also discussed: ROBOT UMPIRES. Then a little on the EPL opening weekend and Top Chef/Next Food Network Star.

Thanks for listening.

DL418: Phil Catelinet Relives His JetBlue Media Whirlwind. Plus: Sports

Phil Catelinet is a longtime listener to the show and now, news media veteran.

He was on the JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to New York where the flight attendant went nutso. Phil tweeted about the incident, and the flight attendant talking about things on the Air Train back to the train/parking areas. It ended up turning into a media whirlwind that included interviews with the local newspapers, local TV and even a run of interviews on Today, CBS Early Show, CNN and Fox News, to name a few.


We talk about the experience — and how until last night he seemed to be the only person on the plane who had talked on the record — and he takes us through an unbelievable chain of behind-the-scenes media events that give a great look into the world of TV “journalism.” This story includes everything from reporters staking out his apartment to networks asking for exclusivity to producers calling his mother in Pittsburgh and father in DC to try and get them to convince him to come on and talk about the situation.

Keep in mind, Phil didn’t actually see anything. He heard the intercom and was in the train when the attendant re-told the story. He had the presence of mind to tweet things out, but was not (a) the attendant or (b) the passenger in the fight with said attendant. Yet, for one day (and presumably more until he cut it off) he was the most wanted guest in TV news.

Think about it…if the reporters could find Phil’s PARENTS, why couldn’t they find anyone else on the plane to talk? Again, this is a really interesting look into the rat race world of TV news.


Nick and I compare Phil’s “fame” to Antoine Dodson before arguing about sports matters. People seem to like when we argue, so…you’re welcome.