Nick and I talk about , Dom Brown’s debut, the and what that means from a PR perspective (and how to fix that if you’re ESPN) and other stuff, including a little on the shakeup at ABC and how TV has changed in the last five years and some talk of the MLS All-Star Game.

Quick recap, so go listen. And thanks for doing so.

DL409: T.O. & The Bengals, Pitchers v. Walk-Offs & MLS All-Star Buzz

We actually have four topics today:

• T.O. to the Bengals and why it’s so crazy it basically has to work.

• Jay Glazer and Daryl “Moose” Johnston to the NFL Network and what that could mean for the league’s network and, most specifically, for Glazer having to balance breaking news for the NFL and for Fox.

• A ton of numbers in .

• Talk about the MLS All-Star game tonight and how the U.S. pro soccer league has really capitalized on soccer’s popularity coming out of the World Cup.

Thanks for listening.

DL408: Do You Root For or Against No Hitters? And Why Silly String Trumps Face Pies

Nick and I talk about Matt Garza’s wonderful no hitter that’s about 6000 times better than a “regular” no hitter because he faced the minimum number of batters. That’s as close to a perfect game as one can get, not like a no hitter with eight walks, which isn’t in the same zip code of accomplishments as what Garza did.

That said, as a baseball fan, do you root for or against no hitters when they’re happening? The more they happen, the less special they seem, so do you root for the pitcher, or do you find yourself rooting for the batter to break it up.

We also discuss Chris Coghlan’s torn meniscus after pie-in-the-facing Wes Helms. Sad…but really really hilarious. We talk a lot about that and come to two very important conclusions: first, pie-in-the-face can only come from Tomas Perez or the 25th man equivalent on the bench and second, Silly String is so much better than the pie in the face. Let’s bring that back.

We also do a brief recap of Mad Men. Thanks for listening.

DL407: This Show is the Wind Beneath The Hawk’s Wings

We talk about a lot on this episode, including the Baseball Hall of Fame — which includes part of Andre Dawson’s speech that we reference in today’s title.

We also touch on NFL training camp and Dez Bryant’s refusal to carry Roy Williams’ pads. Which side would you be on…the hot-shot rookie who may be too big for his britches or the veteran who may just be a dick because he knows his job is going to get taken?

There’s more to this, including something about NASCAR, Tour de France, MLS All-Star game and the U.S. Open buildup. Of course, we talk about all of this because I expected Nick to watch Mad Men and he didn’t, so we couldn’t discuss it. Serves me right for staying up late.

Thanks for listening.

DL406: News. Plus, A Show for Nick: Hookers and Gambling

I clarify some of my comments from earlier in the week about my future and The Sporting Blog. .

We also talk about Franck Ribery’s hooker problems and how, maybe even including Tiger Woods, nothing this crazy happens in American sports. This story is super crazy, including the hooker sending a letter to the French National Team coach to implore him to not let the fact that she turned in two of his players for sleeping with her while she was underage cloud his decision on who to bring to the World Cup.


Plus, we lay out the groundwork for our yearlong fantasy league.

DL405: Apologies in Sports, Mad Men

We talk about Dwyane Wade’s apology and for something we don’t even think he should apologize for. Then we play the PR game and discuss this Variety story about the NYT running a ton of spoilers about the upcoming season of Mad Men.

Thanks for listening.

DL404: British Open, D-Wade Transcription, Changes

Nick and I talk a lot about the British Open and the anonymity of Louis Oosthuizen. Even ESPN didn’t know who he was, which was kinda nice, actually. We debate the need for the debate golf analysts always have about if he’s the next big star or a one-hit wonder for majors. Look at this [...]

Two obvious main topics today: and George Steinbrenner’s passing.

We also touch on Thierry Henry’s new gig: New York Red Bulls.

Thanks for listening.

DL402: Shane Bacon and Jay Busbee of Yahoo With an Open Championship Preview

Shane Bacon and I had scheduled to talk this week about the British Open — aka the Open Championship — for several reasons. First, Bacon habitually comes on to preview big golf events. But in this case, the second reason is the best: Bacon caddied at St. Andrews for an entire summer. If anyone knows the course, it’s Shane.

We go almost hole-by-hole to talk about what some of the players will have to deal with this weekend. Go to to follow along with the conversation.

We get talking about some of the favorites, namely Tiger Woods, and bring up Jay Busbee’s winning this even. So why not conference Busbee in!

The rest of the show is a pretty good breakdown of who will do well and who could struggle on a course like St. Andrews. Both the Yahoo guys think Justin Rose could win the tournament. If you’ve followed Bacon’s track record of picks on our show, expect Rose to miss the cut.

Thanks to both of them for hopping on. Thanks to you for listening.

We talk a lot about the World Cup final, which saw Spain defeate the Netherlands in, let’s face it, a dreadful match. But it was a pretty fantastic tournament.

There were some highlights, but the Dutch had a gameplan that included fouling Spain as often as they could. It did not make for great soccer.

We then talk about LeBron’s continued PR disaster and get off on about six or seven rants. It’s a ranty show.

Click to listen.