Long shows always beget short recaps. Nick and I discuss more of the Mike Wise situation from a social media construct and try to parse some of the reactions to his original comments and his apology.

We also talk about Around the Horn discussing Jay Mariotti’s situation. Good job by ESPN and the producers of ATH.

Jon Tannenwald of The Goalkeeper then joins the show for a lengthy discussion about Bob Bradley. Is this a situation where he couldn’t get a better job and the U.S. federation couldn’t find a better coach so it’s a marriage of convenience? Or is Bradley actually the best man for the job?

Also, Tannenwald explains how the coach of the USMNT is responsible for far more than just coaching the top team and we spin that into a conversation about how, in theory, the development of kids as young as three years old falls under his oversight. Hey, that’s how other countries do it.

Nick and I then talk about how Mad Men had a storyline that was eerily similar to the short-lived ad show Trust Me (trust me, it was terrible) and debate if it was a happy coincidence or ironic that a storyline about stealing ideas was, in fact, a stolen idea.

Plus, Troy Polamalu’s hair and a family vacation to Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

Thanks for listening, as always.