Diana Klochkova of National Football Post is my next opponent in the . And now she must die.

Seriously, I’ve lost by less than three points TOTAL this season, yet sit at 0-2 for my Team Gillette squad, going up against Diana’s Team Febreeze offering. She. Must. Die.

But first…we talk about her job at National Football Post and spend an awfully long time discussing the “journalistic” conundrum of how to run a news, rumor and information site that’s basically owned by an agent. Is that a conflict of interest? And more to the point of asking Diana, is that something they take into consideration when covering topics?

Oh, and how smart were they to pick a name that included National Football in the title? I should change the name of the site to National Football Press Coverage just to seem more legit. Brilliant. We talk a bit about that, and a lot about the site’s ability to gain and retain traffic in a muddled world of football news and conversation on the internet.

We discuss the never-ending issue of access and how her experience in the NFL offices was different than the “bloggers” when she could say “I work for Jack Bectha.” Oh, you’re not a blogger…you’re a real football person. Welcome.

We talk a lot about working for an agent and I try to get her to admit that her office is just like Arli$$. Sadly, she claims it’s rather boring. That’s ridiculous.

But along those lines, we talk about the role of an agent in today’s professional sports world. Is an agent always the first call (we don’t talk specifically about Braylon Edwards but the example is obviously germane to the topic of how an agent handles sticky situations for athletes). We then delve into the world of social media and talk about how it can be good, or bad, for athletes.

Diana points out that they stress to their athletes — especially the rookies — to worry about football first, then worry about becoming famous through social media after you’ve shown you can be counted on as a part of the team. Clearly, Ochocinco is not one of their clients. Speaking of their clients, they sure do have a lot of linemen. Of the skill guys, did Diana feel obligated to stash any on her fantasy bench?

She should have been mandated to do so.

More trash talk at the end. Thanks to Diana for taking the time, and to you for listening.

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