DL551: Masters Preview with Jay Busbee & Shane Bacon (Sorry for Bad Audio)

I hate Skype. The last ten minutes of this show and somehow MY mic was choppy. Inexplicable. If anyone asks why I’m giving up the show, you can tell them it’s because I hate the new Skype. Maybe that’ll get me a feature on Engadget or something. Anyway, damn you Skype, but thank goodness the [...]

DL541: Comparing Barry Bonds to A Million Fish Kill! Plus, The Death of TV Cliffhangers

We talk about how we feel that nobody is talking about the trial of Barry Bonds. Okay, it’s not NOBODY. Obviously, SOME people are covering it and it’s on Twitter a lot, but it doesn’t have the same feel as the Clemens legal situation or the Congressional hearings or, shoot, even Floyd Landis. Why isn’t [...]

DL517: Will Brinson Has The Super Bowl Blackouts

Will Brinson of CBS Sports NFL Facts and Rumors (where Rumors are always trying to sack facts) joins the show to talk about Super Bowl Week. We talk quite a lot about the blackouts invading the power grid of the Dallas metroplex before, you guessed it, Brinson blacks out himself. Or should I say, his [...]

DL504: Paul Bessire of PredictionMachine.com on NFL, BCS & Gambling as Investment

Paul Bessire of predictionmachine.com isn’t the typical schmaltzy handicapper. In fact, he’s a finance guy who now invests in…sports. We talk a lot about gambling as an investment strategy, including the chances of sports books running futures like a fluid market. We obviously talk about the weekend in the NFL and how much the action [...]

DL489: McDaniels v Bowlen, New England’s Dominance, Fantasy Integrity and Dexter

I already wrote about the Josh McDaniels stuff today but we wanted to talk more about it, specifically wondering if media people should quote someone they know is feeding them information that, likely, isn’t true. Is an on-the-record quote worth it if you know it’s a lie? What if you suspect it’s a lie? We [...]

Diana Klochkova of National Football Post is my next opponent in the Blogger Fantasy League. And now she must die. Seriously, I’ve lost by less than three points TOTAL this season, yet sit at 0-2 for my Team Gillette squad, going up against Diana’s Team Febreeze offering. She. Must. Die. But first…we talk about her [...]

DL425: Manny, Pujols, Clooney & The Emmys

We talk about Manny getting tossed and then sent to the White Sox. We run down the division races in baseball. We then comment on the Glenn Beck rally where Albert Pujols was given a GOLD MEDAL and talked about his charity work and Jesus Christ. Political? LaRussa? We discuss.

The rest of the show is a look at the Emmys. We love TV more than sports — or at least as much — so indulge our thoughts on the Emmys, who won the awards. Oh, we love George Clooney too. We discuss if there are any other actors who have gone from TV to movies and become enormous stars like Clooney. We mention Tom Hanks and fail to find another name of that caliber (note: my wife suggested Robin Williams, but that was after we stopped taping).