Thanks to the folks at ESPN, I was able to talk with Ian Darke about his call of Landon Donovan’s amazing goal. For a transcription of this conversation, please visit . In addition to the call, we talk about John Harkes’ reaction in the booth, the importance for American soccer and a bit about the situations in England, Italy and France.

And since Darke is now officially part of the fabric of American sports with this call, would he ever want to branch out and do some college football?

Again, go to TSB to read, or listen above. Thanks and Go Go USA!

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10 Responses to “DL Exclusive: Ian Darke Explains His Call Of American Soccer’s Greatest Goal”

  1. Dave Henning says:

    This guy is the best play-by-play this side of Hockey Night in Canada. ESPN, thank you!

    The great thing about soccer is that I don’t have to listen to this guy pretend like he actually watches some stupid sitcom on Fox. Sports without commercials is so great.

  2. Footballer says:

    What was JP Dellacamera’s call like?

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  4. Walleye says:

    Biggest goal ever? Debatable. Darke as an announcer? Priceless. Unlike his American counterparts (even Michaels), Darke doesn’t use worn-out sports cliches; has a command of the English language that enables him to use phrases and vocabulary like “slovenly pass” and “he was naive to think he’d get through two defenders” without insulting or losing his audience; and is able to ad-lib lines that are insightful, appropriate, and sometimes downright funny. His doing the American games is the first I’ve heard of him since I don’t get to watch soccer otherwise, but now I look to see what other World Cup games he is doing.

    If more sports announcers were that inventive, I bet there would be a whole lot more tuned-in sports fans!

  5. Mauricio says:

    I’ve been following the US Men’s team for a long, long time. And while we may have witnessed more inspired performances in our history (such as against Spain at the Confed Cup) and arguably bigger wins (England in 1950), this was without a doubt the most incredible single moment and goal that I have ever experienced as a follower of this team. Instead of lamenting yet another massive disappointment, here we are talking about having finished ahead of England and having won our group. And you can’t say enough about the quality of Ian Darke’s play by play – I get goose bumps every time I hear that dude say “Go Go USA!”.

  6. BayVol says:

    Great interview and I only hope he continues to do the USA games for the rest of the World Cup.

  7. acuraman says:

    His call was, well…, “breathtakingly exciting!”.
    Having followed the EPL for some time, I have always enjoyed the British commentators. I had some friends that questioned the use of them for the US games. I’d bet they’re thinking differently now.
    Cheers to Mr. Darke, and good to hear he’ll be announcing US v Ghana.

  8. Dan Levy says:

    You have one that’s better? Did you read my Sporting Blog post about it, because there isn’t one, under the circumstances, better.

  9. Timber says:

    Great goal, but “America’s Greatest Soccer Goal”? really? It will mean nothing unless we get past Ghana and have a deeper run in the tournament. Let’s not go overboard on the hyperbole, folks.

  10. Jeff Fulton says:

    Ian Darke is absolutely the best soccer play-by-play announcer to ever of work the USA Nats. I’ve heard them all for 30 years (10 of those in Spanish only) and he is top of the heap. Please bring him back for ALL of the soccer games on ESPN, even MLS.