We discuss the unavoidable: LeBron’s personal signing day.

Specifically, we discuss the news that ESPN will have an hour-long special. It’s a great get by the WWL, even if the hour is going to be completely and utterly ridiculous.  My suggestion is that LeBron should name a team without cap space for him and give them an hour on live TV to make room. That would be great TV. Nick thinks it should be like a wrestling PPV…Oh my gawd that’s Chris Bosh’s music!

Either way, it’s ridiculous. But should we expect anything less from “King James.”


We rant a bit about the Phillies lack of depth and, well, lack of Cliff Lee. Plus, a debate about whether or not Ryan Howard owes it to the fans to be in the Home Run Derby and exactly how ridiculous that event has become. Robinson Cano and Corey Hart? Really?
More soccer stuff later in the week, including a conversation with ESPN’s Bob Ley to preview the World Cup Final.

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