The first of two shows today. Nick and I talk about LeBron’s rumors and whether or not the people — namely show guest Stephen A. Smith — were right in reporting that LeBron was going to Miami. So many things have happened since that report, but if he ends up going, does that make the report correct and thereby confirmed, or nothing more than coincidental?

The analogy that I use is that of a math problem. If you get the answer right, but your work is wrong and you just happened to end up with the right end result, does that mean you were right at all? If 2 plus 2 is 4 and you got 4 as your answer but did so by adding 3 and 1, were you right? Maybe I’m over-thinking it.

Nick also talks about the AT&T this weekend and his brush with Tiger Woods at the 10th tee. People are in awe of the man. Tiger, not Nick. Well, Nick’s pretty good too.

Thanks for listening. Check the next show out for our World Cup recap and finale preview with Jon Tannenwald of The Goalkeeper.

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One Response to “DL398: LeBron James Rumor Confirmation or Coincidence, Nick’s Tiger Experience”

  1. Bassett says:

    Simmons writes an excellent column on his take on the fake-outs and shennanigans.

    Super long, but pretty well done.