We talk a lot about the World Cup final, which saw Spain defeate the Netherlands in, let’s face it, a dreadful match. But it was a pretty fantastic tournament.

There were some highlights, but the Dutch had a gameplan that included fouling Spain as often as they could. It did not make for great soccer.

We then talk about LeBron’s continued PR disaster and get off on about six or seven rants. It’s a ranty show.

Thanks for listening.

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One Response to “DL401: World Cup Finale, LeBron’s Continued PR Disaster & More Ranty Goodness”

  1. Eric C says:

    Just recently found your site and started listening to your Podcasts, and I have become a big fan. I’ve watched/played soccer my whole life, and actually stumbled upon your site while searching for World Cup info.

    I definitely agree that yesterday’s Final was not a very good match of futbol…especially, for the average American who might just be giving the sport a chance. However, (and you are not the only one to say this), I don’t feel the Dutch were as brutal as many projected them to be. In fact, after re-watching the game, I see several fouls that should have resulted in Spanish bookings, including one that would have caused their squad to play down a man for longer than the Dutch had to.

    Great Podcasts and I am looking forward to hearing more, despite the World Cup’s conclusion.