This is show two of two today. No show tomorrow. Don Povia from HHR and Blogs with Balls joins the show to plug the event this weekend at Wrigley Field in Chicago. We run through a brief list of some of the panels and panelists making the trip to Chicago. For those not in attendance we — yes, I am not going this weekend — can watch on Justin.TV

Check out Blogs with Balls official site for more information.

The conversation looks back at the last year from the first BwB until now. What’s changed, and exactly how pie-in-the-sky were we last year? Or, looking back, were we dead on with our future projections of new media, social media and sports blogs?

I’ll admit, there is a lot of inside blog stuff about this show, and much of it stems from the conversation on yesterday’s show about The Big Lead getting The Big Buyout. Will that dominate the talk at BwB? And how much do we expect that news to change anything for anyone else?

There’s a lot to this conversation, and assuredly, some frank conversations about a lot of the bigger names and bigger sites in our little world.

Make sure to check out the BwB site before Saturday. And after Saturday for whatever videos and other stuff you missed.

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