Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog is my opponent this week in the . I’m about one week away (and one loss away) from entering the fantasy football witness protection program. Seriously, if this were a league with just friends, without a sponsor and a trip to the Super Bowl, I’d erase the league homepage from my bookmarks and move on.

That’s how bad my team is.

Bassett and I start with a little baseball, as I ask about the Jets in the framework of the Yankees. Does he tailor his coverage of the team with the Yankees in mind (i.e. will he try not to post something he wants eyeballs on during one of the playoff games? In a word: no. I ask because many baseball bloggers have told me that on big football weekends (opening day, playoffs, etc) they see a visible dip in traffic and often take that into account when posting. The same can be said for NBA writers during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. So, does that impact the NFL?

Again, no.

We go a bit in-depth with the Jets talk to discuss the situation with LaDanian Tomlinson. Everything is great now, but are Jets fans waiting for the other shoe to drop, likely with some injured body part attached to it? How long before we see a sulking LT riding a bike on the sidelines?

Is Bassett — or are Jets fans — concerned that it’s all smiles now, but the Jets could eventually have a “running back” controversy, like some teams (ahem, EAGLES) have one at quarterback?

From there, we pull back a bit to talk about the up-and-down season so far for the Jets and wonder if they’re suffering from a bit of overexposure.

And speaking of overexposure, the Deadspin story of Brett Favre’s texts and voicemails (and photos) was posted DURING our show, so we talk about how the Jets will have to handle this — remember, one of their PR people is named in this story as a potential liaison between Favre and Jenn Sterger — as well as how Bassett plans to handle it on the site.

Does he have to cover this because it’s a Jets story? Do we, because Sterger works for Vs. now? And will the way this is handled by the Jets ultimately say something about their organization? Does this have to be handled differently following the Ines Sainz situation?

Bassett gets the line of the show, near the end. It’s fantastic and worth listening for. Good luck to Brian in the BFL this week. Not like he’ll need it. Thanks for hanging with us again this week.

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