Here’s Jon Tannenwald’s line to end our show today:

We forget, sometimes, that Philadelphia is the fourth largest media market in the country. And we forget, sometimes, how much influence…I can have.

That’s fantastic, and for those who don’t know, it speaks to the fact that Tannenwald’s job at is to layout the site from 6p-5a. Trapped miners on the front page…that’s him. Phillies get top billing on the sports page over the Eagles? Blame that guy.

Or thank that guy. But either way, he does have a fair amount of power at the regions top news site. We get into the Eagles v. Phillies debate, in which I compare Eagles fans who comment on and call into sports talk radio to the Tea Party movement. We also talk about the traffic to for each team and how people pay more attention to the Phillies next opponent than what the Flyers are doing. The Big Four in town has become the Big Two. So which is the Big One of those two? It’s a lot more complicated than it used to be. We spend some time trying to figure that out, and talk about how that idea — or at least that conversation — helps shape what we see on every day.

Then Tannenwald and I talk about soccer.

PPL Park in Chester, PA (right outside Philly) played host to the USMNT last night. There were more Colombian fans — as mentioned by some online — than American fans. It certainly wasn’t a sell out. So why put a game like this in Philly on a Tuesday? Isn’t Philly still a Saturday night soccer city? Maybe you could have a big match on a Tuesday in New England or Columbus or Chicago. But Philly? We talk a little bit about the game, but more so discuss the logic of having it here, then.

We also talk about how stupid Charlie Davies has been, even if reports are true that he was just helping a friend. Via Fanhouse:

Davies later claimed, however, that he wasn’t the driver of the car. According to the U.S. national team forward, he switched places with FC Sochaux defender Jacques Faty because Faty feared his license was already suspended and that he’d be jailed for the offense. The pair was concealed by the SUV’s tinted windows.

Charlie…THAT’S WORSE! You’re putting your life in someone else’s hands, in a car, in a reckless situation, AGAIN. It’s seriously lacks more judgement than being the driver yourself.

I give Jon Nick’s “Got Anything Else” segment and he takes a few minutes to talk about BCS chaos. Always a fun topic for us.

Thanks to Tannenwald for hopping on and you for listening.