This is a Monday where we can’t get to half the stories we want. We talk about this:

• MLB playoffs, including the s, fans over-reacting to Ryan Howard going to the Eagles game, Cole Hamels being the best Phillies pitcher in the last few months & if the Yankees will really start AJ Burnett in game four if they lose tonight.

• NFL, including the quarterback controversy in Philadelphia and if one of them should get traded. We also talk about the injuries around the league which leads to the awful news that Rutgers defensive lineman Eric LeGrand was paralyzed from the neck down this weekend. Is there anything to stop this from happening in football? With that happening on Saturday, we still saw a ton of helmet hits on Sunday. Players can’t stop themselves. Is the protection — helmets, pads, etc — too good? Do players now think they are actually invincible? Whatever the answer, it’s awful.

• We somehow spin that to more college football, including the BCS chaos and how anyone who says chaos is a good thing is an idiot, or a company guy trying to promote the fact that his network has the games. I’m looking at you, ESPN analyst Robert Smith.

• Tons of soccer news, which we’ll get more into tomorrow, including Wayne Rooney wanting out at Manchester United and two — TWO — people nabbed by The Times in London willing to sell their FIFA World Cup votes. Ah, bribery.

Thanks for listening.