DL464: Will Brinson & I Are Giving Away Free Stuff. Plus Favre, Team Sterger and Rumors Sacking Facts

Will Brinson is on the show. He kicked my ass in fantasy football this week in the Blogger Fantasy League. We talk about how we’re both letting Team Gillette down with our shoddy play. But, dear listener, we have a contest…for you. You’re going to win swag — or as Brinson calls it “schwag” (Southerners) [...]

DL463: Greg Wyshynski on NHL vs. NBA, Jersey Sponsors & Alexander Ovechkin’s Miniature Giraffe

Greg Wyshynski from Yahoo’s Puck Daddy joins the show to talk about the NHL and, in the process, completely dump on the NBA. I made a joke to start the show that we had him on the first day of the NBA season and he brought up the fact that he feels hockey is on [...]

DL462: Dave Brown Talks MLB Playoffs. Plus, How Jury Duty & CNN Make You Go Insane

Dave Brown from Yahoo’s Big League Stew joins the show to talk about the MLB playoffs and why 60 of the 64 Phillies blogs out there now hate me. More on that later today, folks. Does it make you less of a baseball fan if you don’t watch the World Series after your favorite team [...]

DL461: Paul Bessire of PredictionMachine.com Talks Football, Injuries & Gambling As Investments

Paul Bessire of PredictionMachine.com was on the show before the NCAA Tournament. I used the Predictalator model to pick my NCAA brackets and I got smoked. Sure, they got a ton of games right against the spread, but it didn’t help my bracket. I try to get some of that money back during this conversation. [...]

DL460: Tannenwald and I talk Phillies, Newspaper Commenters & More. Then: A Comment on Wash Post & B/R

Schedules are made to be broken. It might just be the show today, so take your time. Jon Tannenwald talks from the airport about the Phillies loss to the Giants and what it means for the commenters at Philly.com. Are there any lifeboats left? Plus, after Jon’s gone, I give a little more commentary on [...]

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports joins the show to plug his new book, Death to the BCS. When talking last week with co-author Jeff Passan, we discussed how intimidating Wetzel can be as a writer. He saw that, and intimidated his way onto the show to tell everyone how not intimidating he really is. It [...]

The show starts like this: Me: “The world belongs to Clifton Pfieffer Lee.” Nick: (groaning sound). It’s not that we don’t like Lee, and that we aren’t grateful for his time in Philadelphia, but we both have a serious case of Lee Fatigue, so much so that we’ve been rooting FOR the Yankees. Seriously, this [...]

This is a Monday where we can’t get to half the stories we want. We talk about this: • MLB playoffs, including the Phillies win over the Giants, fans over-reacting to Ryan Howard going to the Eagles game, Cole Hamels being the best Phillies pitcher in the last few months & if the Yankees will [...]

Usually when we have a guest like Jeff Passan — inexplicably his first time on the show, by the way — I like to write an enormous recap of every single thing we discussed. That won’t be this recap. Instead, spend that time reading an excerpt of Death to the BCS, the new book Passan [...]

DL455: Craig Calcaterra From NBC’s Hardball Talk Previews the LCS

Lots of baseball talk today with Craig Calcaterra from NBC’s Hardball Talk. We cover a lot, so here’s a quick recap of most of it. We talk about the Josh Hamilton Ginger Ale bath and wonder if the Rangers will remove all the alcohol should they beat the Yankees. It was a great gesture to [...]