The show starts like this:

Me: “The world belongs to Clifton Pfieffer Lee.”

Nick: (groaning sound).

It’s not that we don’t like Lee, and that we aren’t grateful for his time in Philadelphia, but we both have a serious case of Lee Fatigue, so much so that we’ve been rooting FOR the Yankees. Seriously, this is for no other reason than the Phillies fans hammering home how terrible it was to let Lee go. The man has done nothing wrong, but other fans have ruined him for us. It’s an odd feeling, but we don’t think we’re alone.

We preview the games today, including the crazy idea that AJ Burnett still might pitch game four and if Joe Girardi’s name swirling around the Cubs job may have something to do with his decision. There really is no pressure on Girardi right now, so maybe he does go with Burnett. Crazy.


Jon Tannenwald from’s The Goalkeeper joins the show to talk about Americans invading the EPL and if the English fans will ever be okay with that. Should the Ameircan fans? Is Liverpool the hot new girlfriend and will the Red Sox suddenly become the neglected wife? It’s happened in other places (hello Tampa Bay).

We spend a good amount of time on the Wayne Rooney situation (might he sit on the bench until January) before focusing our conversation on the FIFA World Cup bid scandal. How does this impact the US bid for 2022?


Nick and I discuss, as we do every Tuesday, this week’s episodes of Dexter and Mad Men. First, we touch on the storyline of Dexter and how much better this week’s episode was than I expected.

As for Mad Men, not so much. I liken it to Flash Forward, which is never a good thing.

Thanks for listening.