So here’s one for timing: Spencer Hall, famed sports blog proprietor of and editor at, joined me for a little afternoon chit chat about college football, the bowl schedule and Cam Newton.

Nowhere in the list of topics was “Urban Meyer is going to quit while you are taping the show.” And dang it if that isn’t what happened.

The problem, of course, is that for about an hour it was just an internet rumor, and we didn’t hijack the rest of the show — talking about whether or not the bowl organizers have more or less power in college football than ESPN while trying to figure out if Connecticut is, in fact, the worst BCS team in history — for some small rumor that happens every year at this time.

Who knew it was gonna be true?

So with that, here’s the show with Spencer, in advance of Urban Meyer’s presser tonight at 6pm. Why am I putting it up today and not tomorrow? Because it’s a good conversation about college football and by tomorrow I’ll be sick of hearing everyone say “I can’t believe you talked to Spencer and didn’t bring up the Urban Meyer story” without realizing that we taped it before that went down.

Damn podcasts and their space-time continuum conundrum.

Oh, we spend a lot of time on Cam Newton which leads to an impromptu discussion about whether or not college athletes should be paid, what that would do to the current parity in the sport and whether enough schools could actually afford to do it in the first place.

Thanks for listening. Now go get immersed in Urban Meyer talk somewhere else.