DL483: WikiLeaks In A Sports Context, Dexter Theories, The Undrainable Knee

The doctor couldn’t drain my knee because it has coagulated. They tried three times. I have a Frankenknee. Nick and I try to figure out if this WikiLeaks story can be put into a sports context. Then I mention soccer. Then we talk about Dexter. Thanks for listening, and we hope the topics of today’s [...]

DL482: NFL, BCS, MRIs, Gruden & UConn In the BCS?

SIGN UP FOR THE FREE DARKO PARTY TOMORROW NIGHT IN NYC. Nick’s back and we talk a little about my knee which is about as gross as one could imagine at this point. MRI Friday and I find out the results today. When will I be off the DL? We tackle the BCS standings and [...]

What We’re Thankful For In Sports

This is show 481. That’s a lot of shows, which necessitates a lot of thanks. Thanks for listening, be it for just this show or every one since we started. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site — even though it’s far from what it’s going to be in the new year, I [...]

DL480: The Undisputed Bethlehem Shoals Conversation

I called up Bethlehem Shoals to see if he’d be a part of our Thanksgiving show this year. I told him I’d lead the show with him and we’d do five minutes to plug his book and the party they’re having in NYC and five minutes on what he’s thankful for in sports. Forty-five minutes [...]

DL479: Eagles-Giants, NFL TV Rules, Bleacher Redactions, Ranting

Sorry the show is so late, I’ve been getting my knee looked at all morning. Jon Tannenwald is our LeBatard. He’s on the show to talk Giants-Eagles though the eyes of someone working at Philly.com during the game. We also talk about the terrible NFL rule that turns off a game at 4:15 because the [...]

DL478: Jon Tannenwald On College Hoops Madness, Soccer Notes & More

Jon Tannenwald has started to become a regular on this show with all the soccer talk we’ve been having and now with college basketball season starting up — Tannenwald is the editor of Philly.com’s hoops blog Soft Pretzel Logic — we have a ton of stuff to discuss. Today we talk about the start of [...]

DL477: Brian Cook of MGoBlog on New Media, Blogs & BCS Chaos

Brian Cook sent me an email last week and said he listened to the episode with Will Carroll and he had a different perspective on this whole independent media world. Cook, after all, built MGoBlog on his own and made it his career. Could MGoBlog work now? Could the site start now and thrive like [...]

DL476: Jamie Mottram and Jack Kogod React To The Donovan McNabb Contract

My first thought when I heard the news that Donovan McNabb just got a five-year deal worth somewhere in the area of $78 million bucks? How is Kogod handling this? It turns out, he had jury duty, so he wasn’t even around to take part in the Twitter carnage. Jamie Mottram was, however, writing: “The [...]

Who wants to see my knee grow another knee? So that happened. Nick and I talk about the BCS which spins into a conversation about chaos in college football. That spins into a conversation about whether or not we’re rooting for Auburn to run the table and what that will mean if reporters have a [...]

DL474: Slate’s Josh Levin On NFL Halfway Stories, Horses, Announcers, ETHICS & Live Podcasts

Josh Levin from Slate’s podcast Hang up and Listen joins the show to plug the fact that they’re doing a live show next week in North Carolina. If you’re in the area, make sure to check it out as it’s open to the public. We talk about the logistics of doing the show live and [...]