DL500: Party Photos, Audio, More! Plus, New Year’s Resolutions For Others In Sports

We really thought about never doing a 500th show, or at least not for a while, and having a huge 500th show party and just stopping at 499. Instead, I brought my trusty handheld recorder and taped some conversations with those in attendance. It’s probably a better listen — at least the first five or [...]

I always hated when, around the holiday season, my favorite shows would be listed in the TV Guide as *NEW* but wouldn’t be anything more than a damn clip show with five minutes of “new” material only used to transition from one clip to the next. So, with that, I ask this: what would you [...]

DL498: ESPN.com EIC Rob King Talks National v. Local, TV v. Internet, Media v. Ombudsman

The first time I met Rob King was in Las Vegas. I start today’s show with this story, so stop me if you’ve heard it before. I moderated a panel at Blogs with Balls and during the panel I got a text from my mom that asked me to call her when I could. My [...]

Drexel beat Louisville. Jon Tannenwald and I talk about that. Mostly, though, we cover the two huge stories surrounding FIFA and head honcho Sepp Blatter. First, the rumor put out on Twitter by Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter that FIFA officials were paid $10 million for their votes. Here are a few of his tweets: Soccer scandal: [...]

Jon Tannenwald from Philly.com was working when the Cliff Lee deal went down. He gives behind-the-scenes info on how it happened from the web, and print, sides. Pretty neat deadline nerdy sportswriter stuff. Then Nick and I high five for a while. Here’s a graphic to explain how we feel in Philly today. Click it [...]

I have no clue what to do. Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew and I talked yesterday afternoon, and now half the conversation has been invalidated by the news that Cliff Lee is coming back to Philadelphia. Still, I wanted to put the show up because there’s a lot of good stuff, and because it’s [...]

DL494: The Dexter Season Finale Show

Nick and I love the show Dexter, and while we usually tape a segment at the end of Monday or Tuesday’s show, we felt that the season finale needs its own episode from us. That, and I really need to get to 500 by week’s end. If I write anything here, I may give away [...]

DL493: Metrodome Avalanche, Tripping Gunners, Golden Hurricanes & The Heyman Hoax

Two shows today, with the second of two only talking about the season finale of Dexter. Look for that in a few. But first, Nick and I talk about the Metrodome going topless. Mostly, we talk about how amazing the visual was and how great it was for FOX to get this. We wonder if [...]

Josh Zerkle from With Leather joins the show today to talk, laugh and generally offend. And that’s why we love him. We touch on Joe Theismann in the booth before getting into the Jenn Sterger name-clearing extortion plot. What name, exactly, is she (or her PR people) trying to clear? Haven’t they done more damage [...]

So here’s one for timing: Spencer Hall, famed sports blog proprietor of EDSBS.com and editor at SBNation.com, joined me for a little afternoon chit chat about college football, the bowl schedule and Cam Newton. Nowhere in the list of topics was “Urban Meyer is going to quit while you are taping the show.” And dang [...]