Show is up late because I was having a conversation about an octopus. And have you noticed, to start the recap with two non-sequiturs, that there are no good Hanukkah songs? Other than Sandler, there may be TWO songs worth listening to. What’s the deal with that?

Nick and I talk about the Jayson Werth contract and what the heck that means for Carl Crawford. Can he seriously think about asking for 10 years and $195 million? And there is no doubt that Scott Boras is the best at his job in the world. No doubt.

We shift to the College Football Bowl talk. Connecticut is in the BCS, Michigan State is not and TEMPLE, who beat UConn this year, doesn’t even get invited to a bowl despite being eligible.

Let’s recap: Temple is one of 74 eligible teams, but there are only (HA, ONLY) 35 bowl games, so four teams don’t get invites. Temple was one of those teams, despite the fact that they beat a team that, with four losses, QUALIFIED FOR THE BCS.

Great system, really.

We go over Oregon, Auburn, TCU and the whole lot of deserving BCS teams too.

Then we talk NFL, how the referees don’t even know what to throw a flag for anymore and tackle the notion that Tavaris Jackson deserves some “look” that he must not have had two years ago when he was the starter for the Vikings. Did people just forget that he wasn’t a good quarterback? Considering he was Brad Childress’s guy, does Leslie Frazier owe it to Jackson, or the franchise, to really see what he has? Not that Brett Favre is playing well enough to start, but somehow this became about Jackson’s chance to show himself off, even though he helped beat the Bills and, in the process, three three interceptions.

We also talk about how big tonight’s game will be and just how good the Falcons are.

Thanks for listening. Sorry for getting it up so late.