Two shows today, with the second of two only talking about the season finale of Dexter. Look for that in a few.

But first, Nick and I talk about the Metrodome going topless. Mostly, we talk about how amazing the visual was and how great it was for FOX to get this. We wonder if they were tipped off that it was going to happen, and how they were in place to capture this amazing moment.

Turns out, we should have read Hiestand. He has the story at USA Today.

I have a brief during-the-show panic attack about dying in an avalanche before we wonder what will come of the Metrodome and specifically if they can just tear the roof off the joint and make it an outdoor stadium. Like, CLEARLY, God wants it to be.

We discuss the Jets strength coach who dripped Miami’s Nolan Carroll during their game. His name is Sal Alosi, and while we hate calling for people’s jobs, we outline why we think he should be fired. Specifically, the guy works with the health and safety of NFL athletes. He should know the damage an act like that could do. Again, we hate knee-jerk sports talk “fire this guy” talk. But in this case, we think he should never work again in the NFL. It’s that bad.

Before getting to the Heyman Hoax, we talk about Al Golden getting tired of Joe Paterno sticking around at Penn State and taking the Miami job. Does this say more about how far Temple has come, or how far Miami has fallen? And can Miami be a stepping-stone for Golden to eventually get PSU? Is Miami now a stepping stone job?


A blogger from The Fightins (RIP) made up a fake account to look like Jon Heyman and wrote that the Phillies traded a pile of junk for Zack Greinke. OBVIOUSLY it was a joke, even if it was from Heyman, right? That trade is beyond terrible for the Royals, and there’s no way you can run that story without knowing who the minor league players would be.

But run it did. Michael Kay reportedly talked about it on New York radio. SB Nation Philly put the story up as if it were a done deal. No “REPORT:” or “RUMOR:” or “Allegedly.”

It was:


Whoops. Crossing Broad has the image from SB Nation Philly and the rundown of the whole thing, albeit with a “Ryan from the Fightins looks like a jackass.” He is a jackass, and Heyman has a right to be mad. But it was a hoax, and those who got duped look like bigger jackasses than Ryan ever can on this one.

As Twitter pranks go, it was a big prank. As for the media outlets that ran with the news off a TWEET, without so much as a follow up, or anything, that’s awful. Awful. We’ve been pretty hard on Bleacher Report around here — and so have some higher ups at SB Nation. This is worse than almost all of what we’ve ripped them for.

Look, they messed up. That doesn’t mean SB Nation Philly is a terrible site or anything. It was one mistake. It just looks pretty bad when the editor(s) of the mothership rip on B/R as much as they do. And yes, I know this has now opened me up to 500 SB Nation bloggers combing through my stuff to see when I missed something like this. I’m okay with that.

Thanks for listening.