We really thought about never doing a 500th show, or at least not for a while, and having a huge 500th show party and just stopping at 499. Instead, I brought my trusty handheld recorder and taped some conversations with those in attendance. It’s probably a better listen — at least the first five or six minutes — if you were there, but still, it’s a fun listen in to the party. And I swear I was far less drunk than I sound.

Kogod had the idea for me to ask everyone for a New Years Resolution for someone else in sports. Some good answers, so have fun and share yours below.

Thanks to the folks at Blogs with Balls and especially those at Captain Morgan, Bulleit Bourbon and Diageo Liquors for helping put on such a good event. If you got a swag bag, thank the folks at P&G for some of that as well.

Here are some photos. Please send me whatever you have, or add them, so we can get all of them in one spot. Remember, every photo of someone doing the Captain stance, Captain Morgan will donate one dollar to charity up to a million bucks.