DL530: Oscars, Sports & The Line of Media Impartiality

We all root for things. We root for our favorite sports teams growing up. We root for our favorite movies or actors to win awards. We root for our bets to pay off. We all root…and therefore, we all habitually cheer when our rooting interests come through. Heck, even if you’re one of those writers [...]

DL529: Down The Jim Calhoun NCAA Violation Rabbit Hole (Wait, That Sounds Bad)

We spend (almost) the entire show talking about the NCAA’s ruling to suspend Connecticut head men’s basketball coach for three Big East…next year…for his role in a series of major recruiting violations. We also take a look at some of the national reporters and pundits. Read along with us, friends! • Here’s the official ruling [...]

DL528: Carmelo, All-Star Ratings, Bissinger v NBA Fans, Wahl v Blatter (v Simmons), Me v Me

We talk about Carmelo going to the Knicks and wonder if the Dolans were reading Bleacher Report last week and saw the headline that had him going to the Lakers and thought “what…when did that happen?” which ultimately got a deal done in New York. Hey, it could happen. I mean, it’s entirely plausible they’d [...]

DL527: Kevin Kaduk on Spring Training, Phillies Aces, Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Mets, More

It’s officially Spring Training! With Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo’s Big League Stew! !!! We talk about the big talking points heading into Spring Training which, for the first time I can remember, do not include the American League East or steroids. It’s kind of amazing, actually. That’s not to say the Yankees and Red Sox [...]

DL526: Kornheiser, Feinstein, Snyder, Favoritism. Plus More Deadspin, SB Nation, Bleacher Report

We try to briefly recap the night in sports, but other things just keep getting in the way. We got some interesting feedback from yesterday’s show, so we address that and delve a little deeper into intricacies of the homogenous world of sports blogs (and how eventually Comcast will own us all). We also talk [...]

DL525: Deadspin on HBO, Mariotti’s BS, Random Rumors & Actually Defending Bleacher Report

I think I write too much in the show write-up and don’t give people enough incentive to listen. So here’s a quick recap. We talk about Deadspin’s feature on HBO Real Sports last night. We talk about Jay Mariotti’s conversation with Jason Whitlock and how his story of why AOL got rid of him may [...]

DL524: The Rock, Phillies Aces, Pujols, Rooney’s Bicycle, Bordain, Watson, Tough Kids & God’s Plan

The headline explains enough. Oh, and I promised to link to this video of Wayne Rooney’s insane goal from the Manchester Darby this weekend. Thanks as always for listening.

DL523: Tom Ziller On Sports Blogs, FanHouse, SB Nation, Writing For Free & Oh, NBA Stuff, Too

This is almost a two-part episode and the first time, inexplicably, that Tom Ziller has appeared on the show. Ziller is a lead basketball writer for SB Nation, recently leaving FanHouse a few weeks before the walls collapsed. Insider trading? I ask him (answer: no.) Ziller was in rare Twitter form last week in response [...]

DL522: Did NFL Do Enough For The Seatless 400? A Debate. Plus: Superhero TV Failures

I got a comment that was complaining about a post I wrote that suggested the NFL did a lot for those who were totally screwed by the Dallas seat debacle. I wanted to mention it before moving on to some conversations about TV and other non-sports stuff. Then Nick disagreed. So welcome to the rabbit [...]

How To Start An Internet Rumor In Five Easy Parts (Gruden, Reid, Media, Etc)

Today’s show starts with a brief conversation about the insane numbers the NFL gets on TV (more on that later today) before focusing most of the conversation on this ridiculous and unfounded, yet wildly discussed, rumor that Jon Gruden was going to replace Andy Reid as head coach of the Eagles. This is not the [...]