DL514: All Star Weekend, Pro Bowl, Bubba Watson, Djokovic, College Hoops, More

Here’s the email I sent Nick this morning: • Pro Bowl blowout • NHL All-Star weekend/skills competition/player All-Star Draft • Golf – Watson/Mickelson • Djokovic – Murray • Kevin Durant calling Bosh soft • Insane college basketball games (UConn 2OT loss, Duke smoked by St. Johns) • Soccer transfer window is insane That’s the show. [...]

DL513: Josh Zerkle on Pro Bowl Reform, BEN, Super Bowl Plans & Is Ines Sainz Still A Story?

Josh Zerkle of With Leather, KSK and the House of Punte Podcast joins the show to preview Super Bowl week. Not the Super Bowl, but the week leading up to the Super Bowl which can be, in a way, as entertaining as the game. First we talk about the Pro Bowl and give a huge [...]

DL512: Plowed In. Jimmer. Hoops Family. Eating In-Show Crow. Federer. Steelers Knockoffs. Snow.

I bitch about getting plowed in. Nick and I talk about the San Diego State-BYU game and he makes me eat a ton of in-show crow for watching part of one game and deciding there’s no way SDSU is the fourth-best team in the country. Totally not fair and I deserve the crow I’m fed. [...]

DL511: Turn Into The Skid (Oh, Plus, SOTU, Bleacher Report Reboot & Andy Gray)

Nick and I talk about the State of the Union, Bleacher Report hiring King Kaufman to unsully their name (note: not a word, don’t care) and a brief rant on Andy Gray and Richard Keys being dumb enough to say how they feel in front of microphones. On a day like today, this is certainly [...]

Podcast: The Lost Episode (From Last Week)

This isn’t some giant nugget of amazing podcast history that totally screwed up our numbering back in the teens or anything, but Nick and I did have a show that was never published. Last Tuesday, the LOST EPISODE was taped!! I can tell you’re as excited as when they released those old Honeymooners shows. Anyway, [...]

Where is show 509, you ask? Well, it’s a lost episode, for now. That said, we’re back with show 510 talking about the media talking about Jay Cutler and spending a good amount of time on the fact that people were quick to rip him for “quitting” without finding out the real story. A product [...]

Podcast Blast From The Past: Governor Ed Rendell on Politics and Football

This interview was originally posted on January 15, 2009, but the full conversation actually never appeared on our main site at it was part of the series of shows I did for Philadelphia Weekly. With Ed Rendell being all over the news the last few weeks, why not take a look back (or take a [...]

DL508: A Show About Nothing, Or Everything, But Probably Nothing

How is your week going? If you read today’s Call of the Day you can get a sense that my day yesterday was awful, though not as bad as it was for my son. We talk about that, and life, and parenting and being selfish at a time when you need to be selfless. That [...]

DL507: Trey Wingo on NFL Playoffs, Coaching Carousel & 18 Games…Or No Games

Trey Wingo is my favorite ESPN personality and one of the truly good people in this industry (and I’m not just saying that because he’s on the show.) We talk about the NFL playoffs, the coaching carousel in the league and why fans of PLAYOFF teams still think the grass is greener somewhere else. We [...]

DL506: The BCS Title Game Was One Heckuva Show

Nick and I recap the BCS title game, focusing mostly on the coverage by ESPN during (and before) the game. In short, we both seem to love the work of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit and, I’ll admit, I have a media crush on Chris Fowler. He’s the best studio host in the business, covering [...]